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Hello, my main character is Celebrant (priest/chanter), so I need quite some muscle to hold the line. I wish to keep my pure monk Xoti and I think I need a rogue, a role that is occupied by Eder (he's fighter/rogue)


So I need two more party members, I'm about to complete coronet of waves quest and that area is though. I completed most of Neketaka quests and I few of them left. I didn't choose a faction, yet.



My choices for two companions are:

Maia - pure ranger

Serafen - barbarian/cipher witch.

and ditch Aloth the pure wizard, leaving me without arcane power


or I could requit Mirke monk/rogue ASAP and:

ditch Xoti and Eder and get








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Get that Pallegina, build her tanky with healing chants. Use fire lash and reload chants yourself, add Maia. If you ever feel like you need more support for some reason you can replace Eder with Tekehu I guess.


These are just basic guidelines, you can finish the game with any 4 companions you want, because each one of them can have a very strong build.

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