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Nothing new here, but i noticed that dual BB monk with his last tier skill can take down whole screen in 1 shot. Also resonant touch proc from bb quite nice - 1 full attack is 8 hit in total. Lets say we make poor dmg like 1-2 dmg per pellet - 8hit proc RT for 8hit for crazy dmg that cannot be resisted. Just tested - dragon 2x full attack from stunning blow = 16 hit, after 1 RT=die. I will post screen later

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Yeah it's cool. I guess they will nerf Whispers of the Wind so it doesn't work with ranged/reload weapons anymore. After that try Whispers of the Wind with Wahaī Pōraga. ;)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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ok after some other test i have noticed few things: SPOILER ALERT

1 Resonant touch is quite bugged - PL do not affect damage, even when it's displayed - no difference from desription 27dmg and 55dmg. Still it can take down everything if hit around 10 times before

2 Hand mortar affect Avenging Storm - so Whispers if the Wind with 2 hand mortars can make some funny effect. Also it seems that Staff aoe do not proc AS

3 Whispers if the Wind do not require any reload speed, so it's possible to spam it since after 1 attack we are invisible for around 2 sec. Just tested with area full of enemies - 2 skill use and whole screen ko.

4 Whispers if the Wind is fastest way to obtain some weapon skills like the one from red hand, that is buged anyway (display +12%dmg and +2,+2,+2...)


So blunderbusses monk is legit, walking god that do not need to do anything special to win any fight. Dragons in poe 2 are jokes, but for example Lich cave - i use Whispers if the Wind and accidently Lich was down after second use. Most overpowered char to play, still quite funny

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