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Reputation Gains Through Dialogue: A Query

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Hey guys, 


So, I'm about to start a Bleak Walker playthrough after my Marauder playthrough, in which - after picking a bunch of options that I felt were in character - I wound up with at least one rank in almost all of the dispositions (Except Stoic, Shady, and Cruel). 


I'm going to be picking a Paladin/Wizard as my next character, and probably my main - and I'm aiming for a Bleak Walker. Now, my issue with this is that the game seems pretty sneaky about slipping in lots of different reputation gains that you might not want as that particular kind of character. I'm not saying it doesn't make sense for a Bleak Walker to NEVER be diplomatic/benevolent, just that - since the system tends to be in the background (I play on Expert)- some of those options can sneak up on you. 


"Sure, I'll help you with your problem" = Benevolent 




"If I'm in the area, I'll keep an eye out" = Neutral


My main point is... would it be in bad faith to play as a Paladin with "Show reputation gains" turned on, especially since Reputation in this game isn't on an axis and there's no way to "lose" points with what should be opposing reputations (Cruel vs Benevolent, Diplomatic vs Aggressive... granted, Aggressive is a bad example since it's opposed to Stoic/Rational as well). Just to avoid situations like the one I mentioned above (Which I have seen, in testing). 

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I think it's a necessity, even. Not only you will be taking sneaky unlabeled points, but I remember one case where I had no other option but to take diplomatic. So just imagine your character has "See disposition" trait like Atsura, and turn them on. :yes:

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Knowing what I know, I'd hate to play a paladin without the metagaming hints on. Sometimes conversations can lead you into situations where you only have lines that lead to disfavored dispositions.


I mostly play Shieldbearer paladins, and sometimes I can't initiate combat through dialogue without gaining aggressive disposition (Cotta in Queen's Berth, for example). So instead I reload and attack them without even talking to them. The game does not consider this one bit aggressive. ;)

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This is even worse if you're Trying to avoid reputation gains for roleplaying reasons. 
One city event about a minor wth a sword comes down to:


1.Are you alright? That's dangerous! [benevolent]

2.You're awfully brave! [Passionate]

3. You're going to get yourself killed. idiot. [Cruel]



At least there's something for the bleak walkers on that list. 

Meanwhile, I'm stuck wondering which would be the least galling for my Stoic, irreverent watcher to actually say. 

So, yes, I play with reputation gain on. The game still bushwacks you. 

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I always play with visible reputation, mostly because it's hard to tell the tone of your replies. Some are really obvious, especially the Cruel / Benevolent / Passionate ones. But I cannot tell the Honest / Rational / Diplomatic ones apart. And sometimes the Aggressive ones are hard to tell unless it's an obvious "I'm attacking you now!"

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