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What'd be a good multiclass for a Dark Knight/What spells should I use?

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Hey guys, 


So for one of my character concepts, I wanted to try a sort of tanky/offensive magic caster with a darkness theme, basically playing off of the Dark Knight archetype from Final Fantasy or the Blackguard archetype from D&D. Unfortunately there isn't a "Darkness" attribute for spells in this game, so Corrode is probably my best bet. 


I'm debating between a Bleak Walker/Wizard or a Fighter/Wizard with a focus on defensive buffing spells and Corrode/Raw damage spells (Like Noxious Burst/Malignant Cloud). Granted, I've also considered going pure Wizard and just using defensive spells/conjured weapons so that I have access to higher level offensive spells like Cloak of Death or Caedebald's Blackbow.


This would be a PotD build and is intended for either solo or party play. 



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While the druid does have more corrode spells than a wizard, you still only get so many spells as you level up and when playing a mutliclass those spell choices have to be  balanced against good caster passives (combat focus, fast casting, increased range, etc) and good paladin actives and passives - so in the end you probably would end up taking about the same number of spells no matter which one you pick.


I would suggest mapping out each choice  and see which feels better to you. Druids tend to have better AoE options and some decent healing, if you don't see that as being to 'light' for a dark knight. Wizards will get better self defense spells - your knight will be a lot more tanky.

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Alright. Forgive the looooong post, but I went ahead and mapped out spell/ability choices for both multiclass options. Just kind of a shame I miss out on some of the better ones from Wizard. 




Level 1 - Sworn Enemy/Touch of Rot

Level 2 - Deep Faith

Level 3 - Retribution

Level 4 - Zealous Aura/Insect Swarm

Level 5 - Autumn's Decay

Level 6 - (Weapon Related Feat)

Level 7 - Infestation of Maggots/Combat Focus

Level 8 - Eternal Devotion

Level 9 - Spreading Plague

Level 10 - Form of the Delemgan/Exalted Endurance

Level 11 - Spirit of Decay

Level 12 - (One of the Paladin Defensive Abilities; Mental Fortress, Iron Gut, etc.)

Level 13 - Rapid Casting/Tough

Level 14 - Plague of Insects

Level 15 - Righteous Soul 

Level 16 - Rot Skulls/Virtuous Triumph

Level 17 - Improved Critical

Level 18 - Conjure Greater Blight

Level 19 - Stoic Steel/Rusted Armor

Level 20 - ???


Paladin/Wizard (I went a little more Lich-King with this and worked in some cold spells. I'll probably use Ninagauth's Teachings for this one, since it has some really nice spells and is easy enough to get)


Level 1 - Sworn Enemy/Kalakoth's Freezing Grasp

Level 2 - Deep Faith

Level 3 - Retribution

Level 4 - Zealous Aura/Necrotic Lance

Level 5 - Fetid Caress or Arcane Veil

Level 6 - Infuse with Vital Essence

Level 7 - Llengrath's Displaced Image/Combat Focus

Level 8 - Eternal Devotion

Level 9 - Noxious Burst

Level 10 - Ironskin/Exalted Endurance

Level 11 - Spirit of Decay

Level 12 - (One of the Paladin Defensive Abilities; Mental Fortress, Iron Gut, etc.)

Level 13 - Rapid Casting/Tough

Level 14 - Malignant Cloud

Level 15 - Ryngrim's Enervating Terror

Level 16 - Gaze of the Adragon/Virtuous Triumph

Level 17 - Improved Critical

Level 18 - Arcane Reflection

Level 19 - Stoic Steel/Tayn's Chaotic Orb

Level 20 - Citzal's Martial Prowess OR Wall of Draining


I've also considered a pure Wizard variant which, while it lacks the extra defensive power of the Paladin, would allow me to play without having to pick the aggressive/cruel options all the time. Plus, Wizards can be pretty tanky in their own right. Once again, I went with a mix of cold/corrosive spells to fill in the gaps. 


Level 1 - Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp/Chill Fog

Level 2 - Spirit Shield

Level 3 - Necrotic Lance/Infuse With Vital Essence

Level 4 - Arcane Veil 

Level 5 - Llengrath's Displaced Image/Combat Focus

Level 6 - Expose Vulnerabilities

Level 7 - Secrets of Rime/Spirit of Decay

Level 8 - Ironskin

Level 9 - Rapid Casting/Noxious Burst

Level 10 - Ryngrim's Enervating Terror

Level 11 - Arcane Reflection/Gaze of the Adragon

Level 12 - Blast of Frost

Level 13 - Tayn's Chaotic Orb/Wall of Draining

Level 14 - Kalakoth's Freezing Rake/Caedebald's Blackbow

Level 15 - Tough

Level 16 - Petrification/Concelhaut's Corrosive Skin

Level 17 - Llengrath's Reflection

Level 18 - Citzal's Enchanted Armory

Level 19/20... ??? 


Right now, I'm leaning toward either playing a pure Wizard or a Paladin/Wizard, slightly leaning toward playing a pure Wizard. I feel like a more magically inclined character might have a little more to do with both the Beast of Winter DLC and the upcoming DLC revolving around all of the Archmages (I probably won't kill Llengrath in that one). 


I want to go with a very "Dark/Cold/Rot is not Evil" theme with this character, sort of incorporating Xoti's philosophy (Though not taking it to quite the same extremes that she does). 


Do you guys think a Wizard focused around Cold and Decay could work out on PotD? What are some spells I should swap out, and thoughts for my last two slots? 


Once I have an idea of what I want to do, I'll go ahead and make an 'official' post to see what people think. 

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