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MOD request - Remove level cap for multiclass

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In the last patch announcement they said they will be adding an in game mod support feature for the next patch. This is awesome and i can wait for it.


If someone can make a mod that removes the level cap for multiclass so they can get level 8,9 abilites i think that would be an awesome mod an probably the most popular mod aswell.


Obs may actually remove the cap themselves in the expansions. Im hoping they do but if someone could make a mod for this would be greatly appreciated as i dont know how too



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cool thanks


that mod does other stuff though is there one that only removes the cap?

From the looks of it, you just download the one file that gives the 8,9 abilities and that's all the mod would do. All the changes aren't in a single file/mod.


Although I'm not sure if it removes the cap or just unlocks abilities somehow. Edit - nvm, missed the text that said it doesn't raise the actual cap.

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I'll leave some suggestions here, instead of creating a similar thread:


- Animal hirelings, so you can play "solo" as a ranger and have more companions. Or have them even if you are not a Ranger. I really don't know if it can be done.

- Increase the number of Vailian Hullbreakers to 2 or 4, so that we can have an entire side of the ship with them


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