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I've been trying to avoid spreading my passive skills too thin on my Watcher while still giving myself options that'd allow me to hit the widest range of dialogue checks. I'm thinking that Diplomacy/Intimidate would give me the most coverage - while Metaphysics, History, Religion, Insight, etc. are all good choices, it seems like they don't really tend to lead to many unique ways to resolve situations. It's just a little bit of extra information, which is sometimes pretty cool, and then the conversation moves on as if nothing was said. 


Is this generally the case? Since this character is going to be my first to fully complete the game, I want to be able to experience as much of it as possible. He's a Barbarian/Rogue if that matters. 

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I split skill points across my entire team until I realised it makes no sense to me since I usually play as a good type of character and I never could bring myself to clicking intimidate. So think about that.


Imo diplomacy / insight is the best split for the MC, with most points in diplomacy and with a teammate putting some points into diplomacy as well.

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