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[1.1] "Implosion Charge" sfx keeps playing even beyond quickloads


To reproduce:


1. throw an implosion charge.

2. there'll be a "zzchunk" sound effect of everything being drawn in, on loop. it'll keep playing this well after the implosion charge wears off. in fact, it'll keep playing it even if you quick load the game in the same area. i'm guessing some "play sound effect" scripting thing is globally enabled and never turned off. the only solution is to quit the game entirely and return.


here's a dropbox link to a save and output_log where one character has an implosion charge. just throw it wherever, and then reload the game: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5etl8s4sba29lfw/AACmhmk1g8scNrJYJCmj07R_a?dl=0

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lolololol it doesn't even have to be the same area. i just left that cave the save was in, on the world map. i sailed from NW of map to SE. about the center of the world map i start hearing the implosion charge sound. so it really is a global effect, across any map.

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Greetings thelee,


And thank you for taking the time and notifying us regarding this sfx issue :) Would it be possible for you to provide us with your savegame and output logs so we can investigate this issue on our end?




it's in the dropbox link in the original post

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