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So, What Decisions Are Made in the Pre-created Backgrounds?

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Hey guys, 


I was hoping someone could give me an outline of which decisions are taken in each of the pre-generated backgrounds (Hylea, Berath, Galawain, etc). I want to create a custom backstory that's a more nuanced take on the survival of the fittest backstory. Is there a Reddit thread or a table or something that lists them all? 

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Almost anything you do is listed there. It's pretty extensive, even minor side quests are handled. I think it's not even worth it to replay PoE I, because I think they covered everything in the custom background. I use it all the time now.


Why would you need someone to explain it though when you can simply try it?

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The op is talking specifically about what the presets pick since the op basically wants a slightly modified version of the preset.



As for survival of the fittest. I seem to recall getting the cannon and gift of the machine. Also no breastplate so the devil didn't spare. No one was sacrificed to the blood pool.


That said I don't know of any listing of what exactly is set in presets so I can only try and guess from those choices whose effects I recognize in game. Probably this, https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100951-default-history-summary/, is the closest that I have seen, but still rather lacking from what you want.

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I didn't realize you could custom-make a background.  A picked a pre-made save because I had messed up the hollowborn choice and also couldn't remember all my choices in POE 1 to feel comfortable going with the imported save.


The pre-made definition gives you some idea of what they are, but I don't know if there's a checklist you can see.  In my game, though, I picked benevolent pre-made (because that mostly matches my original character) and:


-Eder was skeptic

-Aloth was anti-leaden key

-Pallegina had taken the loyalist route in the trade deal, which is good for her but bad for some people in Dyrwood

-I pledged to do what Hylea wanted with the hollowborn (return the souls to their original bodies) and got rewarded

-I got Vela

-I killed Concelhaut

-I helped that one poor lady that was messed up by Skaen to kill everyone, forget her horrible memories/not kill everyone

-I hid something that Wael asked me to hide?  I can't remember what the details of this was, even though they were familiar

-I made Thaos forget his past life memories so he could live without them



I can't remember anything else off the bat.

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