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[1.1] Xoti's conversation trigger still not working



Xoti's trigger in the Old City Ruins in Neketaka still isn't working. This save is right after interacting with the soul there. Once you click on the conversation trigger that pops up, nothing happens at all. It's an issue that happened before the patch and still does.
Others have been reporting other similar and worse issues related to companions in general and Xoti in specific, seemingly being the one who's the most bugged. Please check those too.
I know that fixing and balancing combat is important, but the fact people have to sit on the game because quests and companions are bugged or utterly broken is simply frustrating.

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Thank you for taking the time and posting your question to us today :) We'll go ahead and add it to our data-base for our Dev team to further investigate.



Thank you for your reply. I'm pretty sure I attached the save to the post but nothing appears here so I'm not so positive anymore. I'll leave a Dropbox link here just in case.

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