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Family Pride Bug?



I nearly completed most of the Bardotto portion of family pride, up through catching and having to kill the would-be vault robbers, without having talked to the Valera's. When Ezzali asks me to help strike back after telling her about the robbery attempt, I chose the not right now option. I then ran off on a ship and did all sorts of quests and bounties before sailing back and talking to Atello. I give him fair warning about the vault robbery, he tells me to try and rescue someone. Then I'm given the quest to roust the Rauatai sailors, which Maia does peacefully. I then head back to Atello and can't seem to turn the quest in to him or the guy next to him. I did, however get Atello to say he'd be willing to meet with Ezzali. At that point, I walked over to the Bardottos and someone yells about me being a traitor and everyone goes hostile. I reloaded to an autosave where I hadn't done the sailors and went to the Bardottos and again, everyone is hostile.


This makes zero sense. Nothing in my journal says anything about betraying the Bardottos. Apparently just speaking to the Valeras results in me having to either never talk to the Bardottos again or kill all of them. It's absolutely and 100% stupid.


Is there some kind of console command I can use to reset this? Or an edit I can make in game files to change a flag. It's incredibly frustrating. I have no autosave or quicksave prior to talking to the Valeras and the most recent regular save will lose me over ten hours of progress.


What in the holy h e l l happened here? This is either bugged or some incredibly poor quest making.


Can anyone help explain this and help me fix it?



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