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This is getting on my nerves. As soon i damage enemy ship enough it try to run away. Is there a way for me to prevent it to escape? There's no option for me to reverse the direction so that enemy ship my face. I damage the sail enough but it still able to get away. This happen couple of times already. This ship combat is kinda stupid?

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On my very first ship combat it went like that.  I destroyed their sails, they turned and began running away and it took ages to catch up to them.  Due to my low level crew (?) the opponents seemed to always have the advantage, so I was only able to get 5 to 10m closer each action, and the starting distance between us, when they started running, was near 400.  This only happened one time though, out of a few playthroughs.  Since then I've just attempted to close the distance to the ship, and board it.  Ramming it off the start (especially with recent changes) is a valid tactic.  Killing off the crew (to make combat easier) didn't use to work, haven't tried with new changes though, could be valid.


If you don't want to try ship boarding combat, I'd consider getting close (somewhere close to your minimum range) and just aiming at their hulls.  If they attempt to run, you should be able to stay close enough to finish them off.

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Chainshot and chasing is about it, really.


It's not a problem against most ships, but anyone in a Voyager is going to be a problem.  Their cannons are in the front and back, so they'll either charge you or flee.  Their sails are pretty weak, so just try to take those out first.

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