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"Show the suolenet"




I pickpocketed a "Marked Suole" from a guard in The Gullet, and some information told me directions on where to go through The Narrows to use the Marked Suole. Following the directions, I end up confronting several hooded figures and one of the options I get presented with states: "[show the suolenet.]"


If I choose this option, nothing happens and instead I get exited from The Narrows and put back where I was before entering (either The Gullet or Dereo's Lair). There's no conversation or description of any events or anything like that. I simply get put back at the entrance.


Weirdly enough, I tried Googling "Show the suolenet" to see if other people had this issue or if maybe I was doing something wrong, and got literally zero results. I don't actually know if this is connected to the "Marked Suole" but my savegames don't go back far enough for me to check without it, however nothing else looks close to what a Suolenet could be.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

  1. Pickpocket "Marked Suole" from Overseer Hitenga
  2. Find the strangers in The Narrows
    1. From The Gullet: Go right, Go forward, Go through the curtain behind the merchant stall
    2. From Dereo's Lair: Go right, Go right, Go through the curtain behind the merchant stall
  3. Choose [show the suolenet.]

Important Files:

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