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Why I will wait for the updated DLCs and then start a new game!

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I have been playing for 80 hours so far and have run into a number of issues which I hope will be resolved, soon.


1. Load time is ridiculous. From hit the Continue button on the main menu I am getting:


0:07 for the display to appear

1:50 when the display goes black with a hand

2:05 when the STOP? icon - circle with a diagonal line - appears

3:00 when the display appears and I can start playing.


Well, that gives me time to brew up the tea. 


My PC is Win 7 Ultimate running on a Core i7-6700K with 32GB of RAM and while loading the disk light of active so it appears that the program is reading a lot of files. If this the way that the game works I will have to look at getting a SSD drive for my Steam games.


2. I have a problem with the Family Pride task. I have been playing the good guy, helping both sides as needed. I have got to the point that Ezzeli Bardetti will meat Atello and he has agreed to a meeting. In addition, Martino wants me to recover their thieves from the Bardetti vaults. Earlier, I had met Belda and the Bardetti guard, which resolved into a fight to save Belda and resolved the Sinking Feeling task. But now I cannot get back to the Bardettis as I am immediately attacked.


3. I cannot resolve the Mapping the Archipelago : Tikawara task, even though I have explored the area and resolved the tasks there.


4. I cannot resolve the Shadow under Neketa task and freeing the dragon even though one of my team has Metaphysics 9.


5. Modwyr wants to find her previous owner in Dunnage. Going to the Radiant Court and I heard a voice says 'thats her' or something similar, but there seems to be no more actions that I can do to extend her story.


I rather suspect that some of the issues may be down to my usual route of exploring the map early, before I am required to by a task, so that I may be breaking the sequence that the developers expected.


Well, I will go back to my EU4 game for a bit and wait for the patches to appear.

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1. This can be related to many things outside of your hardware, I don't have any long load times myself, its few seconds all the time so I dunno. I have it on ssd now and its faster but on hdd it wasn't bad either, nothing close to 3 minutes to see menu screen lol. Maybe like 30seconds on Hdd tops. 


2. Same issue here, this has to be a bug. 


3. Dunno here. Never done this quest line. 


4. Maybe your party member is too far away to contribute to your dialog. Some dialogues/tasks in game are main char only and party can't contribute. 


5. Well talk to the owner:) She's near market place during the day. 

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Shadow under Nekata: hope this isn't considerred spoiler but it doesn't worlk on the basis of the highest metaphysiscs score of anyone in your party, it works on your PC score plus the party assist bonus (which is some kind of weighted average). Annoyingly the game does not tell you what that party assist is unless you actually pass the test but you are probably very close to requirement and can probably resolve things with aid a of specific purchase (which you can look up I guess if you want).


The sword one you just have to talk to the right NPC in Radiant Court, Dunnage..

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For the Mapping the Archipelago: Tikawara, what you need to do is not exploring Tikawara itself (that's an already charted island, after all) but the islands around Tikawara.
Specifically, they are found

South of Tikawara, east of Tikawara, and southeast of Neketaka.



Once you explore those islands and give them a name, the journal should get an update and you should be able to speak to the guy in Neketaka to finish the task.

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