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Alternate penalty for Corpse Eater?

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The Corpse-Eater Barbarian is a subclass I like in theory, but not practice. The primary problems are as follows:

  1. +1 Rage cost is an overwhelmingly bad penalty. Especially when multiclassed, this might mean you can only frenzy once unless you get a chance to eat something.
  2. The actual granted ability "Flesh Communion" is kind of not great. It's limited to 2 uses/encounter, and has a fairly long cast time and recovery.

As far as modding goes, fixing point #2 is fairly easy. The engine doesn't seem to like class abilities with no usage type, but getting it to unlimited uses, a reasonable cast time and no recovery goes a long way. I'm considering also letting it be used on undead, but that sometimes doesn't make a lot of sense.


Point #1 is a little more difficult. Removing the penalty entirely makes it better than the no subclass barbarian, but barbarian doesn't have a lot in the way of basic class features to alter. Carnage would be an option, but honestly Carnage doesn't really need to be any worse. There are the usual things, like affecting recovery or deflection or damage (dealt or taken). Anyone have any ideas for what an appropriate penalty might be?

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yeah i dont think they thought corpse through


huge penalty, and the "positive" only works in SOME encounters and is slow af



i think having a power level debuff(-1 or -2) when u havent eaten would be better, and after eating it'd last till end of combat


i'd also suggest making flesh communion work on ALL corpses, even metal vessels and primordials/spirits

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