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I was hoping one of the Fab Five founders would drop by to say hello, but all seems strangely quiet from the Obsidian guys (do you really have better things to do on a Saturday?). Who will be the first to jump into this pit of rabid dogs - don't be afraid, it is really quite comfortable down here. So, my question to you is, have you landed your second project yet? I remember reading somewhere how you were actively seeking it out, any luck? (I am assuming that it would be OK for you to answer yes/no to a question this general) -

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If they were, it wouldn't provide much of a future vision. After all, you have an 'X', an 'Y' and a 'Z'. After that, there is?


The end of Obsidian after three projects?


Or perhaps Iply is going down after Obs has done three projects, and then they'll switch to naming their projects after presidents again :)

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