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Of Like Minds quest bugged




Bugged quest is "Of Like Minds" given by Vailian Trading Company boss Castol. Here's how I did a chain of quests leading to this bug.


I had a quest "Blow the Man Down", in which you need to kill Benweth. I did that and cleared the rest of Fort Deadlight.

After that, Aeldys sent me a letter starting a quest "Goods and Services", where I was invited back to Fort Deadlight to meet her. I then proceeded to kill her and all her goons. I think this step is what bugs the quest "Of Like Minds". Fortunately I made a save just before I killed Aeldys, downloadable here.


Here's what "Of Like Minds" looks like before killing Aeldys:




Here's what it looks like after killing her:




Now this is the thing. The quest updates after killing Aeldys, but NO MATTER what I do, I cannot make it update past this point. What I've tried:

Go to Crookspur, talk to Master Kua, complete his quest "Tip of the Spear".

Go to Crookspur, kill Master Kua and everyone else.


None of these do ANYTHING towards moving "Of Like Minds" forward. The quest is stuck, and Castol won't advance VTC questline, which was the faction I was looking forward to choosing as my partners for this playthrough.


Now, if I only had to go back to savegame before killing Aeldys and sparing her at least as long as I need to complete this quest, that'd be no problem. The problem is, I've already done like 20+ hours of gameplay between killing Aeldys and tackling this quest, and I honestly don't feel like doing all of that again. But I guess there's no other way.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue

Load a save from here.

Either talk to Master Kua to complete "Tip of the Spear" or kill him to confirm none of these advance "Of Like Minds" quest.

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