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[1.02] Resting with food while on the world map doesn't clear drug crashes


Had two characters with drug crashes (deadeye and something else). Was about to encounter Tahae, so I rested beforehand. Entered Tahae encounter, noticed I still had drug crash effects (??).


I re-loaded, noted that my characters had drug crashes, rested on the map, and checked on character screen for each of them that they still have drug crashes.


Meanwhile, if I enter the Tahae encounter and rest there, the drug crashes appropriately get cleared. So something about resting on the world map doesn't clear drug crashes.


Here's a dropbox link with a quicksave (and output_log) for the drug crashes right beroe Tahae encounter, not clearing: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y5mhnlb1yheije2/AADoEs5pwQMMsv91AtFI5tR9a?dl=0

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