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I've only tried two, a Swashbuckler and Shifter, both on Veteran. 'Buckler was strong and fit the RP well. But wanted a bit different path and heard how strong Druid + Nature Godlike is.


So went with Shifter. On Veteran, starting at lvl 4, everything scale up. Shifter is...powerful. The spiritshift forms are huge and menacing. When you switch you gain health and all the forms have different abilities and perks. You get some GREAT subclass spells like Nature's Mark and Insect Swarm that work well with the playstyle and inability to cast while shifted. Lastly, with a Nature Godlike, the RP and stats are on point (level 5, 17 Res, 20 Int).


What about yourselves?

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I have been testing out everything monk.


Nature godlike + shattered pillar


Devoted/Shattered Pillar



Shatter Pillar/Soul Blade


The Devoted Pillar is functionally very similar to the pure pillar but with better survival.  It'd be one of my first choices for steady dps/disruption.  Next I'm planning on trying a different monk subclass with cipher.  I think off handing a scepter would synergize pretty well with any non Pillar monk builds because it would let you build wounds from range if you choose while still using all your monk abilities which are primary attacks anyways, and should work especially well with cipher.  It should be a more flexible transcendent than with a pillar monk anyways, and be able to take better advantage of the enduring dance buff.


I stopped using Nature godlike, because green, and instead I've been using the +1 intelligence amulet with the surging power buff.

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