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Some unique item enchantment not working correctly



Rännig's Wrath

Flanking or Insistence replaces Flurry.

Redoublement or Retreat replaces Thrusting.






enchanted with Flanking for example




Flurry disappeared, makes the weapon worse than the original one.







Drawing Parry has no icon and actually provides nothing in combat(I checked the hit roll in combat once)





Tuotilo's Palm

Outward Spikes ununderstandable discription: attackers when missed by an attack with Melee attacks vs Deflection.

Actually it is a weaker version of riposte: it grants a chance to do a Shield-only counter-attack when missed by a melee attack.



Balanced Shield provides +0 Deflection and +0 Reflex (it did exactly what is said in tooltip: +0, +0 :facepalm: )




The Bloody Links

Both Crimson Steel and Feed The Chain lack Icons, don't know if they work.




Poison Dipped  deals 0 Corrode Damage





I think I have found more bugs related to unique items, but I can't remember right now. 

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Thanks for bringing all of these up! We should have each of them fixed for patch 1.1, so please let me know if this is not the case.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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