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Memory leak still downgrading the game.


Even after the last patch there is something who slowdown the game after a couple hours of playing.


Restarting the game solve the issue. Still a memory leak i guess.


I noticed that after a big battle, when lot of FX are used and the engine is stressed, the downgrade begins.


So maybe it's something related to some graphical effect who may be the "trigger" for the leak

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I noticed this too - memory usage goes from 1.8 gigs to nearly 5 after an hour or two.


It became really obvious in Arkemyr's Manor (which normally runs at 60 FPS at all times). Visiting the manor after getting into combat elsewhere knocks the frame rate down to about 30, while restarting the game fixes the performance issues.

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Maybe this is related.


Since the latesd patch, I noticed micro stuttering. I occurs mostly when it´s raining on larger maps.

Ya micro stutter is a problem for me as well.  I have done everything I can on my end except elevation of the priority on task manager.  I will try that tonight.  But I am running not much in the background so I do not see that helping, but I have seen stranger things.

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Same here. Prolonged sessions have significantly degraded performance all around.

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