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Psyblades - Devoteds or Black Jackets or even Unbrokens?

Cipher Fighter

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Lótus Haddock

Lótus Haddock

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So I bought PoE 2 but I still didn't beat PoE (I'm planning to beat after the release of all PoE 2 dlcs and finish college semester). And the few hours playing PoE sometime ago made me very happy with the Cipher class. And the multiclass option with melee classes in PoE2 made me even happier =D


So my questions is, what is the pros and cons of each fighter subclass (with the Cipher subclass Soulblade)?


From my my first view about,


- Black Jacket is to a DW user with different weapons, flexible with range and melee weapons, but the lose of constant recovery is a great con?


- Devoted can use one type of weapon but receive great bonus to that weapon, the only cons I see is to someone who like to use different weapons and the restriction to melee OR range weapon outside of the option "Range Weapon and Unarmed". My regret in the moment is we don't have Soulbond Sabre and that's my favorite weapon type and I would like to my char have a soulbond  ;(


- Unbroken could work as a off tank  in union with a main tank to use the great bonus penetration from Disengagement Attack? (That could be hard to manage, I think? I don't have in-game knowledge for this)


P.S. English is not my native language, so sorry for my mistakes

P.P.S. If anyone wants, you can also talk about the other multiclass options of Cipher with melee classes  :biggrin:



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Devoted is the most powerful, but also the most boring.

Raven Darkholme

Raven Darkholme


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I don't think Devoted is more boring, since there are only two weapon types with variety uniques right now anyway. ;)

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