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Found 3 results

  1. Hey fellas, I haven't been playing Deadfire in years, last time I have completed it with a pure monk and it was fun. Now I want to try a multi class with a Paladin, and although I know it is quite hard, but I would like to make a tanky Paladin with a magic flavor. My first option is a Bleak Walker/Fury Liberator, as I would love to cast lightning on foes. My question is: is there anything else the Paladin would benefit from in the Fury class (other than spells)? Second option is a Templar, but I remember the priests being kind of underpowered in the game. So far this is the one I like the most in terms of roleplaying, but I wouldn't really know how to build it. Last but not least, I have read everywhere that the Herald (Paladin/Chanter) is a crazy OP multiclass, but the whole concept doesn't sound convincing. Also, what races would you suggest for this builds? Thanks!
  2. Just wondering if anyone could provide some advice for a Templar, possibly extending into the rest of the party as well. Going into Deadfire, I took my Priest of Berath and slapped Goldpact Knight on top of it (my favourite PoE1 character was a Goldpact) but I'm not sure if I like it. I'm playing on Veteran and I'm not struggling immensely, but I feel like something isn't clicking for me. Before starting the game I browsed some builds, but every Templar I found was not Berath, not Goldpact, or neither. I love the pair thematically and RP-wise, and further unto RP, I'm using greatswords (primarily; I've got a morningstar as well for crushing since it doesn't seem feasible to brute force through Armor like in PoE1). The problem I think I'm having with the character is that I just don't know what to do with her/where her strengths lie and how to capitalize on them. Priest spells have a long cast time. I want to drop a buff/debuff, then go HAM with Whispers of the Endless Paths, but it often feels more like I drop a buff/debuff, then I swing once and rebuff/debuff. Again, it's not like I'm having horrible issues in combat, at least not yet, but just that I feel like I'd be getting much more out of the character if I'd not been a Priest. What I want out of my character is: aggressive, versatile front liner, emphasizing the melee aspect more than the spellcasting, but the spells being there to add variety. I'm just not sure how to really make it work. My party is: Eder (Sword and board Swashbuckler), Pallegina (Herald, which was the class I'd originally thought of playing before seeing she can be one), Aloth (Pure Nerd), and Xoti (Pure Priest; my thinking was the spell changes to 2/encounter per spell level and limited spell pool, overlapping wouldn't be too bad, and she could fill the more typical Priest role while my MC does the whole righteous battlefield devastation shtick) Right now, I have Xoti and myself cover buffs/debuffs (she has more buffs, since I generally like to cast my at the start of a fight, then focus mostly on offensive play afterward) and Pallegina is practically the primary support between Ancient Memory, Zealous Endurance, and (Greater) Lay on Hands. Eder and Aloth do Eder and Aloth things - they're fine, in my book, I just need to find more grimoires and meticulously respec and piece together the ultimate spell list for Aloth. The big questions, I guess, are as follows: What are key Priest spells? Beyond crucial general Priest spells, which would best benefit this character? How would you build a Templar meeting the aforementioned criteria? Both the Priest and Paladin side of it. (Berath, Goldpact, Greatsword; should I have been a Crusader for this instead? I almost wanted to try Devoted + Priest, my Paladin was forever envious of Fighter Armor Penalty reduction in PoE1, but swapping sword for morningstar was the only reason I beat Steelclad Constructs) Should I have made Xoti a monk? Feels like my melees are crowded as is, and whether or not ranged monk works, it feels weird conceptually. I like fairly traditional classes and roles. Which effects don't stack with Zealous Focus/Endurance? I recall reading somewhere that Armor buffs don't stack with Endurance (really, really bummed by that, honestly) but does that mean Accuracy buffs don't stack with Focus as well? Do Hit-to-Crit not stack with the Zealous Focus upgrade? Do other Heal over Time effects not stack with Endurance's upgrade (Ancient Memory, for example). Without necessarily listing off where to get everything, are there any particularly great items I should be on the lookout for? I'm like 15 hours in, level 10, (I play RPGs very slowly) and only just really branching out from Neketaka, and my party has very little interesting equipment yet. As a bit of a side note, Pallegina loathes Xoti. I'm sure I could might find this with a quick search, but my experience with looking up these kinds of questions in games usually leads to massive, often unrelated spoilers, so just while I'm the general subject of party composition... will companions hating each other ever result in them leaving the group like good vs evil NPCs in Baldur's Gate? I like them both, Pallegina probably fits my character better but Xoti's more engaging being that she's A) more sociable B) a new face. Lastly, the scope of this post kind of mutated as I wrote it, so apologies in advance for the haphazard mess of words above. Thanks for reading though, if you made it through to the end. P.S. I don't suppose Deadfire has a totally busted greatsword with +50% critical damage that causes prone on crit?
  3. I know this is a spoilers forum, but I thought I'd mark this thread anyway to help those who might accidentally wander in here. Anyways, onto the topic at hand... I cleared my first game last night, and am now looking to start a new playthrough as a Templar multi-class. I'm mostly playing for the dialogue and roleplaying potential, but I'm terrible at builds, so I thought I'd come and ask some help from the wonderful peeps here. I'm thinking about playing a Death Godlike Pal/Priest of Berath, or a Pal/Priest of Eothas for any race. Any advice on what talents or abilities you guys would recommend??? I tend to favor more melee oriented builds, so that's why I figured a templar would be better than just going straight up Priest, but what do you guys think? What's the difference? I'd appreciate any help offered. Btw, the Blackend Plate looks like it would be sick for a templar of Berath!
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