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Found 5 results

  1. I really hate that. Pallegina in my playthrough is a Kind Wayfarer. I did what I thought was best for her and for the Dyrwood. I imported my save, and guess what, she is a disgraced soldier, she's sad and even angrier, like if I never cared for her in Pillars 1... So, if I want to Pallegina be happy in the Deadfire, I need to strenghten Dyrwood souls ( Make an pact with a god I personally dislike) JUST because they decide to desconsider my choice? Why bring a companion back in this way? Desconsidering options they give to players? What about the whole "Choice and Consequence" thing? Forcing me to make choices like that was not what I expected from obsidian, really sad...
  2. Hello! Bought the game on day 1, but back then my system specs were below the minimum so the game ran super sluggish, still managed to play quite a few hours. Anyway, fast forward to today and my computer has been upgraded and i decided to start a new game due to all the patches and bugfixes that have happened since 1.0. My issue is that after importing my save I no longer can find the Yenwood and Caed Nua blades remnants in the beginning locker (I'm not crazy that's where they were right?). I've tried twice and the shards just aren't there, and I've only got the one save were I completed POE1. In my original playthrough of Deadfire, it was enough to get me both sword remains. I'll attach the save just in case. EDIT: on uploading the file it says error no file selected even after I selected it. tried both versions of the uploader. So I'm gonna post a link to dropbox. I hope I'm not breaking any rules by doing this. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jb0bya7e3yzazb8/e9b69fb3-8980-44b3-90ff-d744e23e6e00%20gamecomplete.savegame?dl=0
  3. Issue: In PoE1 I left everyone alive in the Temple of Woedica under Defiance Bay. According to Aloth in PoE2, it was a bloodbath. Proof the people in the catacombs are not dead: The conversation happens when you stumble upon a ship near Ori o Koiki: Aloth- "At least we know where to look next" Aloth-[PoE1] "Though if this becomes anything like our encounter in the Defiance Bay catacombs... "Well, I hope we get our answers before the bloodbath." He looks at you and smiles wryly. Attached in the zip file: - PoE1 autosave by woedica's temple - PoE1 gamecompleted savegame - Deadfire savegame before the conversation with Aloth. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p9q3cy7jqqmlbb5/Woedica_memory.zip?dl=0
  4. I recently started playing pillars of eternity on ps4 mainly since it was available at the time, plus it came with the white march dlc. I know that in deadfire you can import your save from the first game. But I was wondering if you can do that cross-platform? like using a ps4 poe save to a pc for deadfire. I am aware that you can make your choices at the beginning of the deadfire without having to play the first game but I would much rather import my save. Or do I have to wait till a ps4 version comes?
  5. After finding that one of my characters received a boon from Hylea due to pledging to her in pillars one, yet another didn't for her pledge to Galawain, I tested whether Obsidian's pre-created Galawain history would receive a boon. Since I didn't receive on there either, I decided to waste some time testing every pledge to see which ones received a boon and which didn't. I used the pre-created POE1-histories for each god except Skaen, since it wasn't entirely clear whether that one involves actually pledging to him: for that one, I only filled in the Hollowborn Crisis choices, including pledging to Skaen alone, and sending the souls to Woedica. Results: only the Characters who pledged to Berath and Hylea received a reward, "Berath's Black Bell" and "Hylea's Bounty" respectively, available in the armoire in the cabin you revive in. The others choices either aren't supposed to grant a reward, or are bugged. Unfortunately, i couldn't attach the .savegame files here, and find myself unable to insert screenshots of the ones with boons without screwing this post up.
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