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Found 2 results

  1. i get that in order to finish quest Mapping the Archipelago: West Wakara Reef from Sanza i have to clear Oathbinder's Sanctum and island left of deadlight. Before that i cleared Oathbinder's sanctum and saved Oswald. Right now i have an entry in the journal that i named the second island left of deadlight. But nothing about the desert island with the sanctum. Is it a bug or am i missing something?
  2. I created this thread to flash my 2 ideas, but if i'll have more I'll just pin them to the top post here. 1) My first suggestion is simple and shorter one. It addresses ergonomics of gameplay. Because my experience with RPG mainly consists of MMORPG UltimaOnline, I largely appreciate all kinds of keyboard shortcuts. So here, in Project Eternity, I'll expect to do the same as well. Therefore I'd like to avoid keyboards' nasty behavior (like overwhelming it with simultaneously pressed keys or in case of system events) and nasty ergonomics of shortcuts (like some [Ctrl+Alt+F5]). So, I'd guess that addition of ability to map every action in game to gaming pad will help players (in case someone will buy something like Logitech G13). Furthermore, you may consider making your own gaming pad, or a set of key stickers with pictograms of actions. 2) My second suggestion is about your suggestion of "special stories anyone?" I suggest you to pay tribute to unique historical phenomenon and use in Project Eternity the Antikythera mechanism (AM). AM is a storyline in its own right; it combines virtually everything: history, mathematics, astronomy, geography, and special dates/events. In game AM may be associated with its own quest & story which will unwind throughout the game alongside with being a useful tool. (I wont suggest any variants of storyline and let it surprise me too. Though I believe that making the plot is not difficult even after reading Wikipedia.) Considering possible use of AM as sort of tool. It has a huge potential from giving a character sorts of predictions of how "the planets" (aka game mechanics) will affect a storyline, (whether conversations, aka – not in right mood to talk, or rate of progress with in-game events like special dates, holydays etc., or at least character's luck) to acting as simple "planetary" pocket slot-machine (to challenge your & NPC's luck for some coins you missed to buy "so needed" heal potion from local healer). Again, I wont suggest how it will work, but I'll suggest that, even though the purpose and principals of mechanism's work are mainly understood, they are not fully known and offer some degrees of freedom in known directions, and even some possibility for additional axis of freedom (like long lost power gem that meant to be inserted into some place of AM to give it additional abilities). Anyway I wish good luck to team of developers.
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