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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, this has happened every now and then before the most recent patch but it seems to do it every time now. When I open with a cipher shot from arquebus(red hand) I do not receive any focus. I assume because it is not technically "in combat" on that first shot but it did use to work most of the time I believe. My character is a ascendant/assassin using debilitating strike in the picture instance.
  2. EDIT 9th April: Forbidden Fist currently isn't treated as weapon attack. This leads to a bundle of "problems" like generating no focus, not working with Sneak Attack, Swift Flurry, Lighting Strikes, Turning Wheel and so on on and so forth. The source of this is that its value for TreatAsWeapon in attacks.gamedatabundle is set to false. Intended or oversight? ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, easy to reproduce: make a Forbidden Fist/Cipher and punch sombody with the Forbidden Fist ability: no focus gain. I hope this is not intended. I guess it's because FF uses its own base damage and is not correctly tagged as (weapon) attack but more as a spell of some sorts. Edit: obviously FF uses another type of attack then weapon melee attacks do. This prevents it from benefiting from a lot of abilites like Sneak Attack, Devoted's Bonus and so on. Even Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming will not work with it as far as I could determine. It's not a bug technically - but it surely is weird for players who don't know the Deadfire mechanics in and out: that an unarmed attack (Forbidden Fist) works differently than any other unarmed attack (e.g. Force of Anguish or Stunning Blow with fists).
  3. Hi, i would like to report an issue with the focus generation for the beguiler and ascendant subclass. The ratio between damage and generated focus does not match with the anticipated numbers. Here are my results testing the subclasses: no subclass cipher (draining whip): 1 damage point : 1 focus point Soulblade (draining whip): 1 : 1 Ascendant (draining whip): 1 : 1.25 Beguiler (draining whip + non-afflicted target): 1 : 0.5 Beguiler (draining whip + afflicted target): 1 : 0.75 As you can see the beguiler subclass is in comparison to no-subclass cipher and soulblade at a notable disadvantage. The ascendant subclass also gets less focus points than the 150% in the description would suggest. I hope this will be addressed in the future, because i really would like to play a beguiler at full power.
  4. I'm new to the game but it seems like this may be a problem, shouldn't I still be able to get focus from them? Please correct me if I am wrong.
  5. Grateful for you sharing your Gravity, am I. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path. What {Weapon Focus} do [Kalakoth's Minor Blights] fall under? Is it really {Wands} as the visual icon in the game suggests?
  6. On my solo run last night I found that enemies I affected with the confused condition from Mind Plague were not giving my Cipher focus upon attack. My guess is there is some code that prevents you from attacking your allies to gain cheap focus, and that allegiance-switching/-blurring spells make a target your ally for the duration. This is seen by their target circle changing from red to green on many such spells. I imagine that this would be a pretty simple fix to add a flag to your party members preventing focus gain, but then some code to allow gain from any other target regardless of allegiance. Version: 1.06 Steps to reproduce: Use Mind Plague on a group of enemies from stealth. When confusion sets in for target, start shooting with a ranged weapon. Focus will no go up. I noticed this while fighting Crystal Eaters on Level 12 of Od Nua.
  7. I took the draining lash skill and now I gain no focus when I attack foes. Funnily enough, I often find myself with -1 focus and below during fights. This is in the latest patch.
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