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Found 8 results

  1. So, I'm replaying the game because I wasn't 100% satisfied with the ending I got during my other playthrough for my character and I'm doing the Family Pride Questline. I've done everything I did last time in the exact same order for which I got the Peaceful resolution, but this time the game has bugged the quest and now I have no choice but to side with the Valera's because they keep telling me Belda is stuck in the Bardatto vault (despite the fact I stopped the Valera plot like I did last time) So I'm stumped and I've tried to find ways to work around or fix the bug so I can get the quest completion I got last time (my character tries to get peaceful/negotiable results so I'd much prefer to be able to finish the quest with the Peaceful ending). Anyone have any suggestions? And no: I don't have any extra mods that could be bugging the quest either.
  2. The Queen requested that I speak with Rusasre to form an alliance. Rusasre won't even speak to me. The Queen does not bring it up in dialog to even fail the quest. I'm stuck on this quest. A while back, I wiped out the slavers and continued exploring. Eventually I found Ori o Koiki and had a meeting with Ruasare where she told me to wipe out the slavers. I told her I already did and her dialog tree ended. She did not want to speak with me anymore. Then dozens of hours later, I continued on the main quest which led me to the queen's quest. During my first conversation with the Queen on top of the palace I immediately failed the quest. I remember after talking to Rusasre, she got tired of talking to me after telling her I already wiped out the slavers. Nothing really happened. I didn't insult her or assassinate her or anything. I just talked to her about history. I'd like to be able to go through the quest and try to negotiate the alliance. I knew she was important when I stumbled upon her but I didn't think I'd be lock out just by talking to her. It seems like just exploring really messed up some quest for me.
  3. I went to Ellie and still can't accept her quest as it fails instantly even after Patch was downloaded.
  4. Hello, I would like to finish Sagani's personal quest but unfortunately the Pearlwood Bluff area does not appear on the region map. I triggered the vision revealing a cliff along a shore but Pallegina wasn't there to point me towards Pearlwood Bluff. What can I do ? Thanks for your help. Xeremius
  5. I have encountered an apparent bug in The Cornett's Call. I was asked to meet Dereo in the Delver's Row. I did not do this for a while, completing other quests first and never entering Delver's Row. I just entered Delver's Row and made my way to the thug on a bridge who guards Dereo's lair. My journal tells me that there should be a dialogue option for me to state that Dereo has called for me. However, this dialogue option does not appear. I can ask the thug a few questions, but in the end it comes down to either leaving or attacking him. How to fix this?
  6. Hello everyone, I am suffering deeply because my game is eternally stuck, because of "The Coming Storm" quest. Long story short, i've sided wtih the Principi first and sided with them, so i've thought the problem was their quest line (Principi Faction) but now, i am not so sure, because recently, i've finished Huana quest line too and sided with them. Guess what, nothing changed. My quest line jumped "The City Lost to Time" right away. Somehow my game skips "The Coming Storm". For some reason, i can't get this quest and as a result i can't enter Ukaizo, yes i can sail there but can't click. I do not know is there a possible way of fixing this. I don't know if i'm doing some stupid mistake or is this a grave bug. If anyone else suffering from this issue, please share your thoughts and experience. It would greatly soothe my pain
  7. Hello. I'll get straight to the point. The problem is that the quest "Man who waits" doesn't appear in my quest log. The only active main quest is "The Hermit of the Hardet House". I read here: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Never_Far_from_the_Queen that after completing it, 3 quests should start automatically. The man who waits, through death's gate and undying heritage. The first one never started. I assume this is a bug right ? Is there anything I can do ? Thank you for your time.
  8. If you choose to attack Thristwn during the course of the Far From Home quest in Defiance Bay (Brackenbury/Ondra's Gift), by means of the [Aggressive] option in telling him to stay away from Serel, the entire establishment (The Charred Barrel) turns hostile. Considering that nothing like that happens if you do the opposite - force your way to Serel at the Salty Mast by killing her guards - I cannot believe that this is working as intended. Also, even if you do not initially agree to get the medallion for Thristwn, you still get the quest, and much of the dialogue suggests that you have agreed to help him. When you return to Thristwn after talking to Serel and coming to the conclusion that she deserves it more, your only dialogue option is to actually agree to get the medallion for him. This updates the quest, and then when you next talk to him, you can tell him that you've come to the conclusion that she deserves it more, leading to the argument which can get the entire inn violently murdered. Also, the fact that you get greatly reduced options in dialogue when talking to her after killing her guards makes very little sense, compared to the options given to you if you pay to sleep with her and instead just ends up talking to her. It stands out as very odd and the dialogue is extremely shallow. Not a bug, just a comment. Solutions: The quest should not start unless you agree to help Thristwn to begin with. If you choose to deal with him violently, the entire Inn should not turn hostile. The entire quest feels a bit wonky and unfulfilling, and should probably get another pass at the very least. It feels rather forced upon you, and lacking in options. If you side with Serel, your only option is to either attack him (and thus make the entire establishment hostile, currently) or tell him that you'll deal with him later; unless you have Resolve 17, which gives you a pacifist "get over it" option, or Might 16, which gives you another [Aggressive] option that doesn't necessitate attacking him. Suggestions: Allow the threat to be attempted without 16 Might (Aggressive), but resulting in him pushing back, panicking, and attempt to attacking you. Have a Might 16 option to rough him up (Aggressive), resulting in a second option to either let him go peacefully (Benevoloent), or to actually kill him then and there (Aggressive or Cruel).
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