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  1. Hey, y'all finally managed to fix this issue by fiddling with the dialogue packs within the game. Now I've gotten the peaceful solution AND i feel the weight of Pallegina's approval lifting my spirits.
  2. So, I'm replaying the game because I wasn't 100% satisfied with the ending I got during my other playthrough for my character and I'm doing the Family Pride Questline. I've done everything I did last time in the exact same order for which I got the Peaceful resolution, but this time the game has bugged the quest and now I have no choice but to side with the Valera's because they keep telling me Belda is stuck in the Bardatto vault (despite the fact I stopped the Valera plot like I did last time) So I'm stumped and I've tried to find ways to work around or fix the bug so I can get the quest completion I got last time (my character tries to get peaceful/negotiable results so I'd much prefer to be able to finish the quest with the Peaceful ending). Anyone have any suggestions? And no: I don't have any extra mods that could be bugging the quest either.
  3. Hello SChin, Sorry it took so long to respond, I was just testing out if the problem still occurs when I started a new playthrough and it still does. I'll send the files today! Thanks for your response!
  4. Hey, I've got a bit of a problem when trying to load out of my ship deck into world map. POE2 keeps crashing any time I try to load out of my ship deck (I can easily load between top and bottom deck without any problems) and honestly it's beginning to frustrate me. Is there any way to fix this? I haven't had any previous problems with loading into World map before now so I have no idea what the underlying problem could be. (I've also tried reinstalling the game and it's still an issue).
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