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Found 2 results

  1. Merry Meet! Grateful for you sharing your time and Gravity. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path. In [The White Marsh] in the [LongWatch Falls] in front of the shrine with [The Grey Sleeper] legendary weapon stuck into a cold rock, is where am I. Eder is who will be getting the Legendary Estoc, though the weapon will be permanently bound to him. In the Pillars of Eternity II info that has been released, it mentions that Eder is one of the companions that will be returning. However, when continuing from this P.o.E. save file, will he still be wielding the Legendary sword? Will it still be permanently bound to him? The interest in making all the new equipment 'newer, better, bigger' is known to me. Therefore, whether Eder or not could 'remove' a 'now' lack luster [Legendary Estoc] is a concern of mine. Sincerely, Witkh13
  2. Hello people, let's take several minutes to talk about morality. Everyone agree any morality system like it's been done in KOTOR can't handle well the shades of grey everyone is expecting from an Obsidian game. That's cool. I don't like black and white morality either. But why must other worlds follow our morality? Why must they think good and evil must have the same definition? Let's take a simple example. Witches for example. Burning witches just because is hella bad. Sure, if they slaughtered a village for some kind of potion, it's justified. But going randomly after witches when they're just regular magicians? Bad. As hell. That's what you would think in such a situation. But say, you now have to save an innocent witch now. There is no doubt, she did nothing wrong. Therefore, you defend her, maybe kill a villager or two. Or talk them down. It doesn't really matter. At the end, she's saved. Then, why must the world think you actually do a good thing? What if helping them is seen as bad? WE don't think it's bad, for various reasons and values that are deepy anchored in our minds. But these villagers are living on another world. They don't have to believe what we believe. And maybe logic can help. Afterwards, if you go in other villages, you'll be known as the evil adventurer who helps witches instead of giving them the treatment they deserve, no matter how horrendous such a point of view is. It would do a great deal to set a different tone to P:E universe. The worldbuilding would improve drastically. I'll just add a shorter example concerning ciphers. It's like necromancy. Manipulating souls against their will is bad. But what if souls weren't considered as private property, like we think a body is? Religion, history or whatsoever could have taught the people of P:E souls belong to everyone. Concerning metagaming, I realize how hard it would be implement such a system. No matter what we say about morality, people do good because they want to feel good. Being banned from a village because you acted like a good person, at least according to what your parents/the world taught you, would be frustrating. But art, no matter if we're talking about literature, movies or video games, always offered us in such situations a carbon copy of our morality, only with more elves to shake a fist at. It would be cool to go beyond, to offer a new way of thinking.
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