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Found 6 results

  1. This is just my theory, at some point we are going to be contacted by one of the many "Gods" in the game, they are going to tell us that we are going to need to make the Godhammer Bomb again in order to kill Eothas. We've already created "God" weapons, such as Abydon's Hammer in White March Part 2 using The White Forge. The Godhammer Bomb was Magran's work which Durance was a follower of and he helped create it so did 11 other engineers, but Magran was working with Woedica to kill Eothas. So i believe that one of these "Gods" will contact you in some way to try to get you to create the Godhammer Bomb. Any other theories are welcome.
  2. I play League of Legends a bit, and a new champion came out recently, Kalista. I know that Riot and Obsidian has a door to door office. Kalista's character is all about vengeance, and she's a soul-type-like being. She uses Spears. ---------- Calisca, is a human Fighter from the Living Lands (Starter Gear: Spear). Calisca presumably dies by the "device"/even early in the game. ---------- My speculation: Riot employees having getting a glimpse or even discussed some of the Lore with Obsidian, and they created Kalista based on Calisca's later-game appearance, where she might enter the stage to act out vengeance to the party/main character/Watcher. This might be far-fetched speculation, but there's lots of coincedences I feel. Name, weapon, and even her soul-like appearance can be briefly compared with Soul lore of Pillars of Eternity (or Soul creatures, such as the Cean Gula, sp?, for instance), and it could be a potential outcome of the device thing early in the game; I.E. Calisca (PoE) appearing as a mid-boss or side-boss later in the game as a Soul-Being. Is Kalista/Calisca a "Hint" of what might happen in Pillars of Eternity? Or is it merely an accidental and unintentional coincedence? Or did Calisca's soul disappear from Pillars of Eternity, and her Spear of Vengeance (<- Kalista's title) reborn in League of Legends?
  3. Here is a recap on what we know on the watcher, might have spoilers so just in-case I am posting it here and in spoiler tags:
  4. This began as a reply to "The Heros you will roll", I just copied and pasted everything and started this thread. The topic is "Starting Locations", but I threw in some "Speculation" (which is touching close to a "Suggestion") about the Event. The speculation, as I say "almost suggestion", is a way to allow the Player more freedom when they "roll" their characters and even narrate their own characters. I'm putting it into a quote, it starts off as a direct reply to the other thread by the way: The point of the idea is that you'd be able to start off at a location and then go from there. So if you'd start off in Beregost you'd go from there, if you'd go North towards Friendly Arms you'd meet Elminster still at the Crossroads. In the same vein that Multiplayer doesn't intrude on the Single Player campaign, having a different "Starting Location" wouldn't need to intrude on the Plot either. Thoughts? P.S. There might be some old thread covering the same subject but I don't remember quite everything we discussed and it's also an old thread.
  5. tl;dr: My opinion: "Stretch goals can grow your Kickstarter's income linearly but you grow your project's complexity exponentially." So far Kickstarters have had good success. We are still waiting with anxiety for the first big failure. Obsidian and the leaders of this project really have built up a lot of credibility and have a great track record. No doubt Project Eternity will be great. But there is something that worries me when I see more and more stretch goals added to a Kickstarter. As a kickstarter you pitch the project with a certain focus. You don't know how popular it's going to be aka whether you'll have money to build it. So, like Obsidian you pitch the general framework, promise some features and go with it. In PE's case.... HUGE SUCCESS. Amazing flow of backers and money. Awesome! So... now we need stretch goals. Yes. That's the way Kickstarters work. Need more inspiration to keep getting more money and make the project what everyone wants it to be. But wait... Do you throw in crafting? Multiplayer? 3d steroscopic drivers? On-line PVP? End-game max level reward system? I hope that as stretch-goals get added a company like Obsidian is very cautious about what will be promised as a feature. The more features, the more complexity. The more time it takes to get everything right. My best wishes to Obsidian to take care in this. I really want this to be a fabulous game. There is a hole in my little gamer heart reserved for another game to come along and please it the way Planescape Torment did!
  6. How do you feel about them? What sorts of factions would you like to see? What are your thoughts on reputation over alignment? Personally, the multitude of factions and the reputation mechanic was one of my favourite features of NV and I'm glad this seems to be something akin to that. I would like to see everything from religious orders/sects, to merchant guilds, to mercenary bands and everything in between.
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