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    Just a dude who like JDM,Cars,and Top Gear !
  1. Hey, its been over 24H since i posted this topic. I really need help cause i stucked on the last mission, i can't beat kenny because i have leak of abilties. Would like to have any help, maybe configs to download or something.. i bought this game and i cant really enjoy it, that's sucks!
  2. It's somewhere at the middle, i also play on hardcore with figher class (I'm not that OP but almost every hit is around 5-7k dmg) And i'm level 14. When i fix my text issue (if i ever will ..) i want to play with a jew, because as a jew by my self i find it so damn funny
  3. LOL, you got a point.. however kenny's role is freakin funny i shat my pants when i used for the first time the "charm" ability
  4. Have you tried to leave canda and get back? i had issue like this and it worked out, not sure that it work for you too
  5. So as you know, at the Pc version there are W,S,D,A keys and etc, the problem is that i dont have this. I tried to re-install the game, turn off the anti virus while doing it, delete saves, and yet - no result. It annyos me because i dont know how to use the whole abilties and attacks, I'm almost level 15 and using only few attacks and abilities, and also my party mates are almost uselss because of that. Thanks for any help, i really love this game and want to keep playing but i cant play like this, it losing the whole fun part. Or, (this is not for lazy people lol) If someone could write the whole abilites rotations of the figher class, atless
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