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  1. so to help me to fix the mouse cursor bug , here what you have to do. go to the directory where you installed south park and you will find a file called engine.ini and when you open it with norepad , and scroll down you will find something like this. [Engine.Input] preferred_device = gamepad maybe bit different than this. like your s might say something different than gamepad , if so please leave a reply. thanks this might be what causing what the game to not hide the mouse to hide when playing the game , and even in cut scene , please reply thanks
  2. i am not playing through steam. so it not a steam bug.
  3. man obsidian developers sucks.... :/ waited 3 days for anwer or reply. nothing.


  5. i went through the config.ini in south park directory and i found this [Game.Mouse] clip_to_screen = false use_hardware_mouse = true is something wrong here? or anything i can change to make the mouse hide? and i went throw engine.ini in the south park game directory and found this. [Engine.Input] preferred_device = gamepad ( i dont have a gamepad , i use keyboard and mouse.) is this why it causing the mouse to pop up? someone please help me thanks
  6. update - i tried installing the game on different computer ( windows 8 ) still same result.
  7. I also found this bug , i do not have 2 monitors , but i do have this problem ,, i tried reinstalling on different computer ( both windows 8 ) same result , the mouse was still visible , even in cut scenes
  8. After Alt + Tab out of the game , the cursor wont hide, even in while watching cut scene , please fix this bug soon thanks or anything i could do to fix this , please let me know, thanks
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