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  1. After alt tabbing out of South Park upon re-entering the game I noticed I could see the mouse cursor in game. Now every time I exit the game and re-start the mouse cursor does not dissapear when the game loads, and instead stays on screen. Furthermore when I move the cursor off of the game screen the mouse just drags onto my other monitor (I have 2 moniters), and when I click the game exits as if I clicked outside of the window. I am running the game in Full screen so I don't understand why the mouse is appearing in the first place and is not being locked by the game window. I feel when I alt-tabbed out I altered something.. All other games work and mouse dissapears when I start them up and they are indeed locked by the game window as they should be. Please Help! I tried re installing but no solution came about.
  2. Hey guys hope this helps I figured this out once a button tapping sequence is initiated it doesn't matter which buttons you press when your pressing the S key. So in other words an easy way to beat all these sequences is to place your pointer AND your middle finger above the S key. Alternate tapping your pointer and your middle finger down on the S key. This is very similar to firing a paintball marker with a double trigger (where the idea came from) I also use my right hand for this as my right hand is dominant. You will hit the Z and the D key possibly on accident, but this wont matter. the string of input might look like "SDZSASSDSDSSZSEDSZSDAZSDS"(This is an actual example of what gets inputted when I play the tapping game), but the game will only care about the S's that are being pressed. I never have lost a tapping sequence once I figured this out.
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