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  1. It's ridiculous, a weak plot point on the part of Bioware. You would NEVER hand over control of your entire fleet to a Jedi no matter how high ranking they are because they have neither the training nor experience for that kind of command. Real fleet commanders have the book smarts AND work their way up. It's the only way someone becomes fit to command. It takes vast experience that can't be duplicated any other way. Jedi and Sith should be confined to covert missions.
  2. Um for all this "Bastila Betrayal" talk...are people keeping in mind that she was tortured for an entire week by Malak? How long do you think you would have held out? It's not a betrayal to be broken. Somebody missing the big picture. Bastila was not even a Jedi Master sent on a extremely dangerous mission which she succeeded at then, unfortunately, found herself with a Force bond to the former Dark Lord of the Sith. She played a crucial role thorugh the hunt for the Star Maps and held Malak off on the Leviathan so the others could escape, and afterward, whether light or dark, her power was still great defeating either the Republic or Sith fleets with her Battle Meditation. Nowhere in K1 is she weak. She is human however, with human problems such as family problems. Whomever created Bastila did a great job.
  3. And yes, I did see some people saying that Kotor 1 wasn't that great an RPG. I think they're idiots, but they said it. Just goes to show you...
  4. You can pick any game out there and I'll find someone who says it sucks. Halo2 is the perfect example, got rave reviews from all over, but there are still some who think it sucks. Why? Because it really does or is it simply that people are fickle? That for any game, movie, book, song, it simply will NOT "do it" for some people. Why isn't this point brought up more often in these "(Insert name of game here) Sucks!!!" threads?
  5. And we X Box people won't even get to try out Restoration patch when it comes either...
  6. I'm glad somebody said it. There's no mystery who the True Sith are. Kreia was clear that the Sith Empire still exists in this time period (of which Korriban and Malachor are on the edge of), just beyond the Outer Rim. They are simply Dark Jed. No mysterious godlike figures, just the opposite of the Jedi Knights.
  7. I have some KOTOR 2 fan fiction if anybody is interested, though some of them are works in progress. http://www.angelfire.com/ca/coffeemeister/fiction.html
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