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  1. [ Indeed, the only difference between male/female exile is the flirting on Peragus and then the Pazaak line of "you'll be right here with me playing Pazaak where they can't reach you." To a male PC he says something about how a Jedi or Sith will use their powers to hold you by the throat. I believe those are the ONLY differences. Wel, there was sort of an odd cutscene thingy during my game of Atton kind of hanging back in a doorway when the PC goes to meditate with Kriea(oddly enough with Disciple's voice saying something like "Why, of course". Mira looks at Atton and says, "Meditation envy?" and he tells her to sit on a rocket. Then Mira tells Atton something to the effect of the PC having enough problems without him staring at her all the time,and he should just leave her alone. AND THAT WAS IT. Bleh,bleh,bleh. So aside from the Paazak comment (a skill you never get to use, btw.) the whole romance thing with Atton was so disappointing. That really had potential, too. I missed the whole flirtation/hesitant romance starting of Carth and Revan, or actually the Han and Leia thing would have been entirely more appropriate here. Oh, and the Disciple, YEAH, right. He was like a slab of cream cheese. URGH. Just one last thing, at the end, I really just needed a little more closure. That's all I'm going to say about that.
  2. LOL!! Admiral Carth, of course!! I jump whenever I see him! ( because I ended KOTOR with the romance thread between Carth and Revan activiated and I keep thinking of all his cryptic following of the Ebon Hawk as looking for his lost Jedi girlfriend!)
  3. I'm sure others have said it, but since BioWare left the gender of Revan and The Exile open, I'm SURE it matters not one bit whether or not they are specifically one or the other. I played Revan as light side female, and currently playing the Exile as a light side female (who for some reason is much more kick-butt than Revan was..), and it's working just fine for me. There actually is something very "Mists of Avalon"ish about having powerful female Jedi doing stuff, instead of standing around waiting to be saved. Just a thought.
  4. "there is another...." heeehee At least it's not playing Malak, revived by the Jedi/Sith in some freakish revenge thing. Just in skimming the Prima guide book, there is just too many weird, not quite continuity friendly things...but I guess I'll find all that out when I actually start playing the game.
  5. Hi! I'm getting ready to start the KOTOR II X box game - and I invested in the strategy manual (and promptly scanned it for references to Revan, etc.) I played Revan as an extremely LS female, and triggered the romance quest with Carth, so I'm a little concerned about the story arc here. Please reassure me that I'm going to at least keep some continuity between games. (I'm pretty sure my husband is giving me the new game as a Valentine's gift tomorrow.) HELP!!
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