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  1. Hum.. I'am not so sure people did move on , you got plenty of isometric games being done and some with success like pathfinder, poe and wasteland. I think it all boils down to me , what the lead developer of Disco Elysium said: "We made it with the express purpose of being failure proof in a way that, if it doesn't succeed, we still have not wasted five years of our lives, in that it's artistically solid, and we've said everything that we can say". And if the devs from poe and poe2 said their piece and filled fulfilled I'am happy and proud to kickstarted them and helped them did thei
  2. I mean they can make a version of PoE in FPS but i would think it wouldn't have the depth of poe2, I personally would like a flesh out PoE3 isometric with more fuller regions more lore and less VA , go full on psico with less towns or citys that depending on our actions would get destroyed or prosper and more factions , better AI and better grafic optimization and lastly a good way to mod like skyrim, if beth did someting rifth is that it packed the games with the tools to make the game better . Skyrim still sells because? The amount of good quality mods is awesome and some provide bette
  3. Hoping for PoE 3 , i loved PoE1 and PoE2 .
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