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  1. Ah, you're right! The Stun effect checks Fortitude. The Shock damage checks Reflex. All the better! Why do you value Reflex over Deflection? I'd say Deflection gets the most damage.
  2. Congrats Bhall! Litany Against Major Afflictions is indeed quite powerful. I've chosen Monk myself. I'm still experimenting since it's my first complete run. And I agree with Jaheiras. I'm getting to higher levels now and I've seen Adragans miss a few times because of high Fortitude. Unfortunately, you have to raise it to very high levels. Returning Storm checks Fortitude for the Stun effect. So, here's the Accuracy for various spells (they must have Accuracy bonuses): * Returning Storm and Talon's Reach = 80 * Petrify and Dominate = 100 I'm thinking about ditching a few Talents for
  3. Sadly, none of these tactics work against a group of them. Confusing and/or Charm have too short a duration to matter. Prayer Against Imprisonment does not protect against Stun (Returning Storm). It also requires 10 Lore and a crafting ingredient I've not yet found by Act 3 (Lagufaeth Liver). You end up being stun locked and/or Petrified at some point. What worked however was summoning decoys first then using two scrolls of Missile Barrage to kill one before retreating. That's how I took out three of them in the Northweald. Edit: little update. More groups of 3 are found in the Endless Pat
  4. The Blight was in my inventory (I must have looted it from a Wizard and mistook it for a normal wand). So, I can't say for sure how it got there.
  5. I understand. Thanks for the answers! I guess I'll overcome my reluctance and buy it on Steam. It's weird I didn't read about Pathfinder Adventures before because I'm always on the lookout for that kind of games. I enjoyed Talisman and Gremlins Inc. a lot and it seems this game may be just as fun.
  6. I read it but it isn't clear whether Flounder was only answering Mygaffer's question or saying that for the future also. Besides I don't understand why GOG wouldn't allow an online feature (whatever that is) now, given that Galaxy requires you to connect to track game time, achievements, etc.
  7. I would like to buy the game on GOG as well. Are you still planning on releasing it there or did you give up the idea?
  8. It all seems very technical! I didn't really grasp the process. The music in itself sounds unimpressive but must have taken a lot of work I suppose.
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