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  1. Also being bugged makes it hard to confirm anything at all, and I don't have a definitive guide so there's that as well, and I'm trying everything.
  2. Another group?? Where? I could swear I looking over the whole map... They're in a back room in the area all the way west. Could be wrong, but they mention being a patrol.
  3. there's another group, but it didn't update for me either.
  4. Resting didn't fix it for myself, and so was wondering about this as well.
  5. I've came across that as well, and I'm wondering about it, because nothing said makes it sound anywhere like I did the wrong thing there.
  6. I heartly agree with this person. A return for some great times.
  7. Wondering if we're going to be able to get a steam copy for the key? Also was wondering if it's one of those we start getting codes starting sunday going into monday, and activates midnight, or noon?
  8. I like the extra of being able to name them myself, but also wish if they do make a random name gen for those that don't care.
  9. Kind of glad people are catching things early. Hoping it's going to be great effect on getting rid bugs later down the road.
  10. I thought it's funny though I've made it a point to play drow, or human in most games like this. Also I love rangers if they get pets, because who doesn't like pets.
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