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  1. Lesson learned. Next time don't preorder from obsidian and when it's released jus go to tpb.. . Looks like Avalon was right about the company
  2. Yep and let's pay a rent for an apartment and just watch it from under the bridge because why not?
  3. Can we get some confirmation from dev's that this is something you can reproduce and fix?
  4. I tired on bootcamp and its randomly freezing (settings, intro, black screen and only voices, etc.). Intro part was working much more smoother on mac (until black screen obviously.)
  5. BTW Obsidian - how can you sell this game in app store? Its like - buy a car but in most cases it wont start.
  6. I only have 2 posts left till 10 May (sic!!!) but this one deserve an amen..
  7. I tried to lunch it in SUDO - not working I un-pluged external monitors - not working I tried lowest settings - not working Full screen and windowed - not working No internet - not working Lunch from GOG and directly from APP - not working
  8. Same - MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) How can you release a non working product?
  9. bug is still here and its a game blocker. Im not able to revert to non beta version because my saves are already converted to 2.0
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