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  1. Ok, so no respec but instead we can make custom adventurers in every inn. That's not cheesy at all.. Imo there should be ability to respec everyone once. It's just stupid to play the game half through and realize that stuff you picked at the beginning wasn't important at all or you just didn't understand how the system works. And once per game limit just to make it a real decision to do it instead of just doing it before every battle.
  2. At group level 4 places like that Drake in the blood pit and ogres can be tough, I'd go to the large city (what ever it's name is) and do run around missions there to level up. Well, that's what I did after the Ogres beat me up. Few levels more and you'll be running through them no problems.
  3. I love the game but still I have to agree that there's something wrong with the combat system, I think it has a lot to do with everyone taking different time on same actions, depending on their "recovery time" and in general it just feels that combat is slightly too fast. I find the slow speed makes it feel a lot better but it doesn't quite fix it. I have to disagree with that. I made my main a Ranger and he's doing the most damage in the group easily and the bear companion has turned out to be really useful. Then again I don't have a rogue with me. Also I have Kana the chanter with
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