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  1. Today, finally, after many emails with support and threatens to denounce Obsidian I received my collector's edition (In June!!!). A big pretty ... half empty box ... After opening I asked myself: this is what I paid 140$? I can hardly describe in words my current mood. First was the announcement of the delay of the departure of the game. Then they announced that the soundtrack was not included in physical format. Later they said the game DVD would be send later and apart. And finally i have wait almost two months to receive my collector`s edition. In the meantime i downloaded the game and played it. It was not what i expected. I expected a different story of Baldur`s Gate, Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights but with the best features of that games and logic (and new) improvements that carries 15 years past. In my opinion the plot is much shallower, less dark, poorer in details (characters number and their past/life; stronghold seems a rebuilded dead place; there is hardly any epic weapon whose pieces must be found to rebuild it ...). Two years ago I believed in Obsidian, i trusted in what they said will do and collaborated in Kickstarter. Now i can`t go back and undo what i do. However I will not make that mistake anymore. No more crowdfunding, no more confidence in Obsidian. If you develop another games i`ll wait until people play it and read their comments. In that moment, perhaps, i`ll buy it. And if there is no more games .... well, i can always replay the classics. I know many people is happy with PoE and Obsidian but that is not my experience and i`m not happy with the way Obsidian treated me. I'm not angry. I do not hate the game or Obsidian, just feel sad and disappointed. Goodbye Obsidian, and good luck.
  2. 450- Near Dyrford village - Earn dragon egg mision: when you obtain the egg in the top left part of the window appears the next step of mision. The first words of the phrase don`t look well. http://prntscr.com/6sc949 451- Stormy throat map window: "Lle a Rhemen" phrase error. "Lleva a Rhemen" is the correct way. http://prntscr.com/6scau0
  3. 144- Ondra`s gifts - the marine mast tavern - Vincent Dwellier shop: Darcozzi`s long sword object name overlaps price. http://prntscr.com/6pku80 145- Ondra`s gifts - the marine mast tavern - Vincent Dwellier shop: Bradfor`s voluptuous pearl object name overlaps price. http://prntscr.com/6pksmy 146- Ondra`s gifts - the marine mast tavern - Vincent Dwellier shop: Skuphundakup`s black and wicked arcabuz object name overlaps price. http://prntscr.com/6pkrh8
  4. 5- Game map dissapears: if you are in the game inside the world map and change the game window to another window (navigator, office, and so on) and back to the game world map game map dissapears. http://prntscr.com/6oxgvu
  5. 45- Defiance Bay - Heritage hill tower: when you discover all the floors and want to go up frim the lower floor or down from the upper floor the first conversation option are (bad = red, good = green): [Continúa hacia arriba.] [Continúa hasta arriba.] [Continúa hacia abajo.] [Continúa hasta abajo.] http://prntscr.com/6oqy49 46- Defiance bay - Ondra`s gifts - lighthouse Niah conversation: there is a reference to a tavern called "el barril carbonizado" bad writed: bad - http://prntscr.com/6or0pi good - http://prntscr.com/6or1nt
  6. I asumed it too until i saw mision objects in the chest. In that moment i unterstood there was a bug ....
  7. Good evening: Perhaps some of the bugs that i find has been mentioned yet, but here is so many post i can`t read all. I`ll try to explain as well as i can while i locate them. I am playing spanish version, so perhaps some traductions will not be the best ... sorry about that. 1- Stronghold: the collected taxes don`t appear in the chest. I confirmed it 3 times after receiving the message. I don`t know if it matters or not, but in the 3 times thiefs stealed part of the taxes (only a part). On the other hand, mission objects appears smoothly in the chest. 2- Stronghold - Brighthollow: Before rebuilding there is a magnifying glass over a bed that shows information. After rebuilding magnifying glass did not show any information. http://prntscr.com/6o8p1o 3- Stronghold actions window: When you have more than one prisoner/mission/attack and solve one or more, the number that marcks it doesn`t change to mark new quanty of actions. http://prntscr.com/6o8qsx 4- Burning waterfalls - SW: there is a group of 3 youth dracos and 1 flying fire that stay still while i attack them. Don`t move, don`t counter attack. http://prntscr.com/6o830c That`s all for the time being.
  8. 10- Defiance Bay - Copperlane - Admeth`s Den: in the conversation with Wenan the word "Godhammer" is not translated. http://prntscr.com/6naol6 11- Dyrford Village: in the conversation with bereaved mother there is an error. In the traduction is used the word "llano" (flat). The correct word is "llanto" (cry). http://prntscr.com/6naq7w 12- Defiance Bay - Ondra`s Gift - Cartugo`s shop: in Rotfinger`s gauntlets definition you use the wrong word "inoculado" (inoculated). The correct word is "inmune" (immune). http://prntscr.com/6narb6 13- Defiance Bay - Copperlane - Admeth`s Den: the object "all-consuming rage armbands" name in spanish is so long that overlaps the price and it can`t see well. http://prntscr.com/6nanmc 14- Window view inside the game - clock/pause: when the mouse arrow is on top of clock appears an info window ("Pausa [space]") not fully translated. In spanish "space key" is "barra espaciadora"; besides, that info window overlaps the month and year info of the clock and it can`t see properly. http://prntscr.com/6nb0ax
  9. 7- Challenge Bay city - Copper district - Admeth den. In the conversation with Wenan there is a word not translated (i`ve see it in a previus conversation translated): "Godhammer". http://prntscr.com/6mgot5
  10. I open this post to gather all the mistakes in the spanish version i find as i play. 1- In the object window the option "Enchant" is not translated. http://prntscr.com/6mf8ql 2- Gold Valley - Tuanatu mision to recovery his supplies. When you speak with him to complete mision the answer 1 and 3 are the same ("goodbye"). The answer 1 must be correct. http://prntscr.com/6mfc9v 3- "East Thicket" (i don`t know english name) - All the stones with dead names are not translated, indeed, there is no stone translated from the beginning to the first big city. http://prntscr.com/6mffjz http://prntscr.com/6mfge5 Raedric`s domains: http://prntscr.com/6mfgvx Copper district`s catacombs: http://prntscr.com/6mfhdn 4- Stronghold upgrades window - in the "South curtain" text has a mistake. "La cortina sur aumenta la protección del a muralla exterior frente a invasores procedentes del sur". Correct text: "La cortina sur aumenta la protección de la muralla exterior frente a invasores procedentes del sur". http://prntscr.com/6mfiqn 5- Stronghols actions window - Nyrid is imprisoned and the text that tell the history stops without ending. http://prntscr.com/6mfl72 6- Game options menu - in the game window the "Area Loot Radius (meters)" option is not translated (neither its explanation). http://prntscr.com/6mfm9y I`ll try to mantain this post updated. Thanks for reading Thortxu
  11. Now i`m in the Stronghold (when i can upgrade it). There is a song wich remember my The Lords of the Ring, the soundtrack of the "Shire" where the hobbits live at the arrival of Gandalf...
  12. Good evening: I started playing yesterday and since i heard the game menu soundtrack it reminds me Conan the Barbarian film`s soundtrack. Anyone else thinks (or heard) like me? Thanks P.S.: I like the soundtrack, but sometimes i feel poor in variety and quantity.
  13. Good evening: I started playing in the spanish version and i`ve detected traductions errors. Where must i post them for Obsidian take care of them? Thanks
  14. Hi: no new news about the game for a month ... It`s too long. We need news, information of any kind to quench our "thirst".
  15. This post has been turning into a discussion about modern written history of mankind .... Where are the new ideas to my original post? :getlost: It`s sure some of you have great brains .... Squeez those brains :w00t:
  16. In past September 24 i created a post trying to obtain from Obsidian a Fortress for the game. Then we reached $3.5kk ...., but this are the ideas i suggested: 1 - General ideas: 1.0 - The castle should be obtain in several ways: * As a reward of a misión. * Collecting the money to buy it. * Discovering ancient ruins and rebuilding. * Building from 0 with your own design (you`re the owner of some terrain ....) 1.1 - The fortress must be able to be attacked whether you're inside or not (monsters, adventurers, ...). In a changing world our decisions influences future events. Why will be our castle a place out of time? For example, if we attack a camp of ogres an some escapes, their tribe will attack our castle seeking revenge. Random attacks may also occur. 1.2 - If our fortress is victorius we could obtain the fallen enemies drop (arms, potions, ingredients ...), regardless the level of the objets. Not only high level drops. The we can sell, or use to equip NPCs, obtain special materials to forge hig level objets.... If the castle is defeated we could lose troops, NPCs, buildings and objets (due to looting). 1.3 - The Castle can be defended by the troops inside (regular troops, NPCs aren`t in the group in that moment, ...). So they can obtain experience, and drops. Should be possible to configure the defensive distribution? 1.4 - Would be nice to set traps around the fortress (to reduce the number of enemy attackers) and in the fortress rooms doors and chests (to prevent theft if access to the interior of the castle). 1.5 - Specialized storage objets. It`s not real to storage food, arms, shields and potions in a trunk. * Trunk -> potions * wardrobe -> clothes * Dummy -> arms, armors * Slotter support -> swords, bows, ... 1.6 - With so many people in the castle they must consume a lot of food. How they will feed? The food will be buyed automatically or must we produce the food inside the castle? Diferents kind of animals, vegetables, ...? 2 - Buildings: 2.1 - One different building for every class inside the castle walls. The NPCs that can`t go with us can be found there. * Mage tower -> Mage * Inn -> Bard * Basement inside the castle tower -> Thieve * Grove -> Druid * Creek -> Dryad, Nymph 2.2 - Defensive buildings. It`d be a great idea to make the castle "upgradeable". Start with a basic castle ang the upgrade it with new and stronger materials (walls, gate, towers), improvements (pit, ballista, ...). The resources to strong the castle (or manufacture certain objects) could find in mines, buying to merchants, as reward in missions ... 2.3 - Other buildings. There are some kinf of buildings that gives a truer look of a fortress. When you see non-playeable NPCs making their daily tasks inside the castle ... * Small house: were non-playeable NPCs live. * Marketplace: (we can use too to sell/buy anything we need (or not need) * Forge: (here we can make special objets) * Well * Stable: (if we obtain horses we can send them here, perhaps make cavalry units ...) * Training camp/room: (for NPCs and/or regular troops) * Pigeon house: (to send and recieve posts and news from distance places/people) * Caves: access to the underdark (missions, explore, ...; Place to leave captured beasts ... * Sea port: If there is an acces to a sea or ocean it`ll open a huge opportunities (owner of a ship, special missions, access to near/remote islands, special crew, special place ...). * Fence: Stores farm animals to feed the people. 3- NPCs and regular troops. 3.1 - NPCs * All the NPCs you can add to your group. Along the game we will find many companions. Some of them will join us an others can`t because we haven`t space. 3.2 - Regular troops * We can train troops to defend the castle, patrol, .... They can gain experience but not else an NPC level. They must be equiped (general equipment like: poor/regular/better arms or with the drops we obtain in missions or durin sieges ti our fortress). 3.3 - Other * It`d be great to send to the castle characters you meet during the game and you turn them into friends, or people who have lost their homes and have no where to go. Then you could train to become warriors, farmers, ... * Castle Butler/steward: to receive the information of the time we`ve been traveling. * Innkeeper: could ask him to obtain aditional information of travelers and extra missions. * Blacksmith: could make special war equipment.
  17. I like the idea of a legendary tapestry. Another one: * A room whose floor is made up of different mosaics to step on them and relive historical events or different events in the life of former celebrities, tragedies of a clan or family, specific adventures of a famous group of adventurers...
  18. Some of you have commented that it is unrealistic to the existence of many books comparing our real history with the game. A game with magic (a spell can generate hundreds of copies of a book in seconds), firearms (not invented until long after writing ...). I sincerely believe that it is entirely possible to have a library filled with books of many types, colors and sizes in the house and/or fortress of the game.
  19. I fondly remember in Baldur `s Gate the existence of books that told stories relating to the world of Faerun. They could find in houses and in certain buildings bookstores. You could also find scrolls containing spells to learn or to launch. I wish we could bring the books and scrolls (adapted) again, but giving them a greater role. Therefore I would like to provide the following ideas: 1 - Books: 1.1 Historical books: These books would be consultation and to enjoy reading. 1.2 Books of missions: be part of frames in the game. Would provide clues to solve missions in several ways: puzzles in interior; parts of books that should be united; living things within them that they can communicate with the owner; rare objects obtanied inside them after burning; .... 1.3 Books +1: add permanent points to character skills. Must be hard to find (powerful dragon treasure), expensive (merchant that sells at high prices), ... 1.4 class books: books could be created specifically for each character class, so they can be stored in the bookstore. More explains in the third point. Could include graphical animations as a "videos" (cheaper and easier that truth videos) that would make them more attractive. Perhaps not in all the books, but yes in some of them that are important for their historical value or the storyline of the game. 2 - Scrolls: 2.1 Linked to spells. Suggest two types, those containing spells and spells that serve to enroll in them. I don`t have very clear this point, few ideas. 3 - Bookstores: 3.1 It would be interesting to have, buy or build libraries both at home and in the fortress where we store books we find in our travels. 3.2 Storing books of the same kind (magic, weapons, ...) could add something positive (points of wisdom, intelligence, experience, ...) to the character whose class coincide with the books kind. 3.3 If no school books, would provide a benefit having a certain amount of books and the reward increases when the books amount reaches greater level. Any book or only concrete books, that may vary. 3.4 Another option is to obtain beneficts by studying in the library. Would have to determine the time of study, for example, one week of study = 1000 xp. I'd like you to contribute with more ideas to this post, and the constructive criticism is always welcome ("destructive" comments are not welcome).
  20. I`ve read in a game web that obsidian sent last night to all the backers an e-mail with all the goals archieved during las month. It`s that true? I haven`t receive any mail from Obsidian .... :closed: I`d be interesting to have the goals list.
  21. Obsidian: "... Some of you wanted something that went beyond the standard player house, allowing you to take control of a full stronghold and its surrounding lands. Well-done strongholds provide players with the ability to make large scale changes, undertake special quests, customize the contents of the stronghold and the surrounding environment, and engage in light strategic gameplay between adventures. If we hit $3.0 Million, we will build a stronghold worthy of the title!" Maybe a dream that can come true?
  22. I`ve read this in the Project eternity`s Kickstarter`s web: "Please note that pledges made through PayPal will not show up on our Kickstarter page, though we will count them toward stretch goals at the end of the campaign." I don`t know if it refers also to the necesary backers for each extra level of the dungeon. For example, the level 5 of the dungeon needs 55.000 backers. If when the project ends there are 54.000 backers in Kickstarter and 1.000 people who`ve paid in paypal.... will they add the two ciphers to make 55.000?
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