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  1. Mass Effect looks awesome! I am so pissed that there are no plans to port it to the PC. :angry: I am not going to buy an XBox 360 for one or two games.
  2. It looks unbelievably cool because it is pre-rendered. It is NOT done in real time using a game engine. I think the vid is more a guide for what can and should be done in games as far as look and gameplay are concerned.
  3. No, it doesn't get any more difficult. In fact, it gets even easier. I just finished the game as a Sentinel/Jedi Master, hardly a combo that should make you an unstoppable force with a lightsaber. Yet, at the end of the game, I simply cast Force Enlightenment before each battle and then sliced through even the most difficult enemies like a hot knife through butter. Remember how fighting Dark Jedi in KOTOR I meant that you had to deal with their force powers? Not so in KOTOR II. They are basically just regular melee opponents with lightsabers.
  4. I've always been amused by the rediculous naming conventions in the Star Wars universe. So, in honor of (or perhaps it was mockery) silly Star Wars names, my very first KOTOR character's name was... (trumpets sounding!) Han D'Job. I cracked up every time I used a dialog choice with my character name in it: "I'm not Darth Revan. I'm Han D'Job!" That still cracks me up to this day. Yes, I'm an immature idiot.
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