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  1. It really doesn't. Come on, Obsidian. This thing is getting me perma-killed. Get it together and fix this bug. And, yes, it was an issue in beta. Success despite yourselves sometimes, I swear.
  2. I lost Durance for awhile, but post-patch 1.03 he showed up in my Stronghold, just beside the ruined hut that leads downstaris. Now, I can't get him to re-join my party. His dialogue says we aren't on the same Path and he doesn't show up in the Party Management screen.
  3. GoG, of course. I am a CDPR rent-boy, after all. Praise My Polish Masters. Seriously, this was a tough one. DRM-free and no need to have Steam running won out, though. Well, mostly. The weekly moderator beatings have impacted my sense of independen...no! I didn't say that! Praise GoG!
  4. I had a similar issue with the Guards. Deflection and Reflexes for the Guards were often in the 170 range. That would give them something like 30-40 in Perception and Dexterity, as well as 30-40 or so in Resolve. Pretty scary guards. Note, this happens when the guards are unbuffed by anything I can see.
  5. [Description of the issue] Pink textures when shading/obscuring characters. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Load attached savegame 2) Move the characters behind any building or across any grass or in front of each other. 3) Observe the pink textures. [Expected behaviour] No pink textures. [Other remarks / Comments] Tried different resolutions, HDDs, redownloading off Steam, switching to single monitor solution [Files] Savegame jpeg of image issue dxdiag 2b1ae21d-334f-4be8-914d-1c8f8e83e7e1 autosave.zip DxDiag.txt
  6. Hey, folks, Searched and searched the forum. Also googled. Checked Steam. I'd report it as a Bug, but I can't believe it hasn't come up yet and am pretty sure it's an idiosyncrasy of my machine. I get pink shading on obscured textures, like behind buildings or feet obscured by grass. I think that's missing textures, but I've redownloaded and everything seems fine. Game integrity check found a missing file..which redownloaded, but didn't fix anything. Before I report this as a bug, I thought I'd find out if anyone else has the issue or if I missed a fix somewhere? Radeon 290x, i5 2500k, Windows 8.1. Trying to install it to a different drive right now.
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