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  1. I feel like I-- like we all-- have been patient. But it's been four weeks since the poorly-phrased "Coming Soon" message was put up, and Obsidian can't even be relied upon to give us a clearer estimate of when the patch will be out, much less put up the patch itself. So, given these points, I've decided: screw the Patch, screw Obsidian, screw LucasArts, and screw KotOR II. I won't be finishing the game, and I won't be wasting my money on KotOR III, should it ever be developed by Obsidian and published by LA. That said, I feel much better for having made this decision, as if the echo of a h
  2. Well, here's one from 3 days ago. There may be other posts made by Developers this week, but if so, I'm not sure where they would be.
  3. You may be right about that. It's the only explanation for this extended wait that really makes sense. There are posts by Developers here, and at least one official announcement on the LucasArts forum, that the patch had been sent to LucasArts and was going through Q&A, so we know that the patch DID at least make it there, and it's probably done with Q&A by now. Since it hasn't been released yet, I think it's a safe bet that more work is being done on it. On the bright side, from the Developer posts this week, it sounds as if they think it'll be finished... soon.
  4. Myself, I'd love the option of buying an Expansion Pack, but, as has already been mentioned, I doubt that Obsidian has the time to create one right now. A content patch would be even better, for PC users if not Xbox users. This would also make up, to my mind, for the three-month longer wait that PC users had to endure before we could play the game. Although, while I know that Xbox Live users can get content upgrades-- this was done with the Yavin IV station in KotOR I, which came with the PC version but not the Xbox version-- to my knowledge, KotOR II for the Xbox is not Xbox Live enabled. So,
  5. GDC I expect. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That was more of a desperate, plaintive rhetorical question than a serious one, but thanks for answering anyway. I find that sometimes it's a relief to express frustration, rather than hold it in and let it fester into bitterness.
  6. I know it's only been three weeks, but the wait seems interminable. So, in the words of the late, great Chris Farley, I have to ask, "Sweet mother of God! What is the hold-up??"
  7. I think this may be due more to an ATI driver issue than Obsidian's programming. My PC is quite a bit less butch than yours and I have -no- framerate problems whatsoever on Dantooine. I'm using: Athlon 1.4 Ghz Thunderbird Biostar M7MIA-R motherboard (AMD 761 chipset) ATI Radeon 9000 Pro, 128MB 512MB DDR + 256MB DDR RAM With the ATI Catalyst 4.12 drivers. So the only things that I can think of that might cause such a difference are either graphics driver problems(depending on which drivers you're using, you didn't mention them) or, possibly, the 512MB of PC RAM instead of the two 256
  8. Haven't finished the game yet, but these are the bugs that I've seen so far(not including the occasional weird graphic bug, of course): 1) Someone has already mentioned the irritating quality of certain armor which causes some of their bonuses not to stack; i.e. if you add a Ballistic Overlay to certain Mandolorian armors which already have protections against Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing attacks, the protection from the Ballistic Overlay will not stack with the protections that are already part of the armor. This bug has already been mentioned, but I thought I'd add that, logicall
  9. Out of curiousity, is anyone here working on an HK-Factory mod? I don't know anything about modding, so I don't know how much of the original factory code is still in the game, but if Obsidian and LA aren't going to add it back into the game with a patch, then it'd be great to know there's a player mod for it somewhere.
  10. I'd already read some of the complaints of Xbox users while waiting for a PC version to come out, which dampened my enthusiasm to play the game a bit. I didn't get the PC version until after the Patch announcement had been made, so I decided to wait for the patch(which was supposedly "coming soon") to play the game for the first time. I loved the original KotOR, you see, and some of what I've read about KotOR II made me think that I might not enjoy the sequel nearly as much as the original, mostly due to technical problems. If waiting for the patch to come out will allow me to play the gam
  11. There have been a lot of extremely pessimistic and snide comments so far about the up-coming patch, which I think is unfair since we have no idea yet what the patch will contain and how the game will run after the patch has been applied. That said, I'm becoming somewhat impatient for the patch to finally be completed, because it's been two weeks now since it was announced and I've been holding off playing the KotOR 2 for the first time until the patch was released. I've waited quite a while to play the game already, so I was prepared to wait a little longer in the hope that a patched versi
  12. A Developer answered some questions in the PC forums, and this was his answer to a question about additional content on the PC: "I don't believe there will be bonus material. The timeline we were given to finish the PC version is pretty short and does not include time for making changes to the interface other than fixing any bugs QA finds." The full post is in the "Questions to Devs - PC Style" thread. I'm a PC user myself, and the belief that there would be added content in the PC release was the only thing that really made the two-month wait worthwhile, for me. This news came as
  13. I didn't mind the two-month wait so much when I thought that there would be extra content on the PC version, like there was in KoTOR 1. In my opinion, something like the Yavin IV station would make up for the delay. Yavin IV certainly added quite a bit to the original game, and if something comparably valuable were added in KoTOR II, I thought it would be worth a shortish wait. Apparently, though, there won't be anything like that with KoTOR II. The delay is being used on bug fixes and such. While fewer bugs will surely be a pleasant addition to the game, I have to admit to that I'm alread
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