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  1. Check out the Devoted subclass for Fighters. You get huge bonuses to one weapon type of your choice, and penalties to all others. Pistol specialization sounds right on theme. Monk is the martial arts-iest class, and the Nalpazca subclass improves the effects of drugs and stimulants. Many of their abilities are fueled by taking damage, but they still have plenty to offer as a multiclass option. Rogue would be another great supplement to Fighter, plenty of evasive abilities. Or even a Fighter/Priest, to play up the Cleric angle.
  2. Tekehu has a lot to offer - strong (sub)classes, most interactions of any companion, satisfying character development. That said, there are no wrong choices here. Any two of Tekehu/Xoti/Aloth will be a fine complement to a frontline like the OP's. I agree that Aloth's connection to the Deadfire is a bit tenous, but he's no dead fish either. Especially if Iselmyr is still kicking around. Xoti's worth taking along for quests involving souls, animancy, and the undead, partly because Priests are excellent against Vessels, and partly because she occasionally unlocks unique quest paths.
  3. Priests are S-tier for roleplay. I played through PoE1 with a Priest of Eothas, and can't image a more interesting character to import into Deadfire. Holy Radiance, for my money, is the most fun and interesting skill in the entire game. The interaction with the disposition system, and how it encourages the unity of story and mechanics, is something I wish every class could enjoy. And I love how it transforms from a utility heal to tactical nuke depending on the encounter. If being a skeleton is a crime, then Holy Radiance is Batman. That said, I agree that the the remainder of the Prie
  4. Multi-classed characters normally receive +1 to skills that are granted by only one of their two classes, such that every character begins with exactly 10 points from their class(es), spread across 5 to 10 skills. From the description, a player would believe that this bonus follows the same rules. In fact, "Bonus Skills" currently provides a flat +2 to all class skills, regardless of multi-classing. A single-classed Ranger receives the expected 10 additional skill points, while a Ranger/Rogue receives 16, and a Ranger/Wizard receives 20.
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