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  1. That chanter trap catch is excellent, in my main save i am using lots of kiting with the frost trap chanter thingie, which explains why it grows, and why number of people affects it so linearly - more people = more traps. it doesn't explain though, why it happens on my save with 1 person and 0 chanters, though in a much less pronounced way. Maybe there are just so many NPCs and thingamadoodles around, that it just takes a bit longer anyway.
  2. EDIT: man, i fubared typing. So i tested with your save, and quicksaving took about 5 seconds. Not a big deal. On my own save it takes 23 seconds. Only direct difference i could see was the mobileobjects.save size, so i think that is exactly the problem. Also when saving, looking at explorer in the other display, i can see the backupping and rewriting of mobileobjects, and as soon as it's done, the game continues. Which also reminds me: If you have fast save, can you write here if you play windowed or maximized and if you have one or more displays. Same for slow saves too, really. I have two displays, running windowed 1920x1080. and am slow as hell.
  3. Could we get more information on loadtimes vs. mobileobjects.save, and someone who has small mobileobjects.save to test with a file that has too large mobileobjects.save on other people? Just test and post results. I'd also like to see someone upload a fast loading far in the game save, so the ones of us with slow loadtimes could try if loading a normally fast loading save affects us in some way. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5zAvgW4BGD6a29BY2IxOHhnTFU/view?usp=sharing That's my end-ish of act 1 save, where quicksave takes about 23 seconds and area transistion about 65 seconds for me. On my comp the mobileobjects.save related to that file is about 125mb, if someone could load that save and check how big the mobileobjects.save is for them?
  4. I did some trying aroudn in a solo game, and that also suffers from the same problem, but in much much smaller way, thus i assume that it has something to do with amount explored*amount of characters available, so the more guys you have the faster it goes up. WTB: news from devs :< EDIT: also found some chests that have loot every time you transistion in to the area it's in, that might have something to do with it.
  5. I can confirm that this also applies to main character, under some conditions - my solo barbarian has currently 56 intelligence, and it seems to be going up steadily. It is fairly hilarious, and very gamebreaking.
  6. I had the game lose my saves, and it got fixed by rebooting the computer, so i suggest you try that first if you havn't yet.
  7. spacehamzter: The character-number relation might not be as simple as just how many you have, though it seems to be a part of it. The real reason is that the "MobileObjects.save" file (location described above), grows far larger than it should, and every time the game saves (auto or otherwise), it has to rewrite that, and that takes time. Why and what breaks to cause that behavior, is unclear (at least to me).
  8. I popped a link to my 89mb savefile (which is nowdays closer to 100 than 90), hopefully we get some solution (even temporary one), because this is borderline unplayable for me :< EDIT: in about 1 hour and 10 mins, the file has grown from 92000kb to 105000kb, so the rate of growing is quite high.
  9. my save is about 3.9mb, and steam cloud syncing seems to have no effect on it - does it even sync before shutting down the game? EDIT: Checked the temp save folder at (users/something/appdata/local/temp/obsidian entertainment/pillars of eternity/tempsavedata), found a "mobileobjects.save", that is 75mb, and in (locallow/obsidian entertainment/pillars of eteernity/currenet game) a "mobileobjects.save" at 92 mb. What are those and should they be there and that big? EDIT2: checked with another player, his version of the file is about 3mb, and he's further than i am in the game, so something is definitely wrong. Or it's related to playing on hardest difficulty?
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