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  1. BG`s story is as deep and thought-provoking as what you just wrote, except it is a deeply personal story about choices and consequences which is also actually integrated into an overarching story within the game world. PoE has an interesting, but poorly implemented world and a personal story which is both abysmally written and disconnected from what`s going on in the world.
  2. No. You are supposed to meet up either with Khalid and Jaheira, which is what Gorion recommended you, or with Xzar and Montaron if you are an evil character. Both of these groups are going to Nashkel for their own reasons. The game also heavily hints that Nashkel is the place to go if you are an adventurer, there is work for you there, so it feels a natural choice. Investigating Gorion`s death WAY out of your league at this point, as it should be. You are just trying to get by. In PoE you are just being sent by random people to random places. The main quest seems disconnected from the world an
  3. They made an interesting system of categories of undead, but then absolutely failed to implement it in practice. Fampyrs are supposed to be relatively "fresh" undead but in the game they are exactly like traditional vampires, thousand years old and ruling over the other undead. Skeletons are supposed to be pure automatons but somehow some of them are able to cast spells. The chanter just randomly summons squeletons, what are these? You are supposed to bind a soul to a corpse to create an undead, how can the chanter bypass all the successive stages to create skeletons? Or do they have a suplly
  4. There are so few good spells that switching grimoires is useless. If anything I had trouble to fill the available slots.
  5. Or, the most likely possibility, they are Kickstarter backer characters.
  6. This is funny because everybody seems convinced that the Will save is needed to avoid Charm but I just fought some Fampyrs and unless I am blind it tested against Deflection. Not that it helped any of my characters to avoid getting charmed though. That said, there is a very good countermeasure against charm in this game: do nothing. It just lasts 10 seconds and at best the character will perform one attack. He doesn't use any advanced ability and is severely weakened so you'll get him back soon enough without much problems. I understand it can be complicated if Edér gets charmed and he's y
  7. I absolutely agree with everything in this thread. One shouldn`t be forced to get the freaking stronghold in the first place(just climb over the goddamn barbican if its so broken), but if you choose to keep it, you should expect to do at least a few quests before having your authority recognized.
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