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  1. A limit on traps is idiotic and makes no sense. The game already breaks a number of common sense notions for no other reason than to be "innovative", like having hugely muscular mages. Stupid design choice. I wonder if the programming wizards at Obsidian are all bodybuilders as well? Then now, traps left in the ground somehow decide they cannot exist if another trap is laid down next to it? That's lame soup. Hopefully the IE Mod will fix this retarded decision. It's slowly making the game into a more playable and fun experience as it is, implementing all those nice things that some people here would whine about breaking the game. Freedom of choice should be a priority. Not this guided nanny state type game play. If people don't want to cheese traps - just don't do it. Would the whiners here also jump off a cliff if they could?
  2. I'm considering opting for hardest difficulty, while setting supplies to unlimited and/or maybe spells unlimited. Perhaps that will recreate some of the IE feeling I'm missing? I am not looking for an ironman challenge The game should be fun, not grueling. Tedium and timesinks are the exact opposite of fun.
  3. I don't want to rest after each battle. I just want to be able rest when I feel like it, which is when health gets too low and all spells are used up. I see no point in trying encounters which I know are suicidal. I'd rather "cheat" a little and enjoy the game. It'll still be plenty of challenge, mostly, but in certain places it'll get a small boost. For anyone interested, here's a table for CE that allows unlimited camping supplies (and other things, including unlimited spell use). Use in whatever way makes the game more fun for you http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?p=5585670
  4. I tried asking sensuki, who apparently made the "unlimited camping supplies" mod, where to get it. He didn't answer that, but simply said," So unless anyone else has a link, I guess nobody wants us to find it Are you using cheat engine? Wanna share the location for the memory hack?
  5. Hi, I was wondering why camp sites disappear after use? Once you set up camp, that's a camp set up, presumably. You should be able to return to it and rest some more. At least that is how camping works. Otherwise, don't call it making camp and call it what it really is. A health/rest potion that can only be used outside of combat. I am still only in the beginning hours of the game, but I find it dull thinking I will have to make frequent treks back to an inn, just to rest up, because camping supplies are limited. Damage happens. Resting was never a problem in the BG games. You could rest almost anywhere, while risking wandering monsters. In this game, however, the lack of such functionality is already a looming tedium. Tedium |= Fun. Do actual health potions exist? Aside from these niggles I'm enjoying the game a lot
  6. I was quite pleased with the D:OS experience actually. Besides, the game is entirely DRM free, regardless of platform. Updates through Steam, thus far, have been the most streamlined I have experienced yet. I get the hate for the monolithic giant, but the experience is quite good
  7. Lots of quests is no problem. Don't feel like having a bunch in your log? Simply decline them or come back later to pick up more.
  8. Wouldn't it be great if.. 1. a fireball or other explosive item/spell flung at a group had an impact on their positioning? 2. getting hurt meant characters started looking hurt and not simply kept standing up like marionettes while exchanging blows or magic missiles? The first item is a practical change that could add some extra tactical elements to encounters. The second is mostly cosmetic in nature, but it wouldn't be terribly hard to implement if taken into consideration from the beginning.
  9. I signed up to say that there *are* ways around this, on PC. Unfortunately nothing for consoles, that I know of, but at least this is *something*. To use: You can either grab a modified executable from a certain torrent site, or you can grab the "cheatengine" program and use a cheat that includes a camera hack. I opted for the last method and it works flawlessly. A bit of googling should get results. Sure, there is a pop in and we see things we're not supposed to. Like unfinished terrain and what not, but enemies can now be seen AND engaged as they approach. Life as a ranged character is much more enjoyable as a result. No more feeling blind and annoyed. Reviewers have hated on the dumb camera, people have complained about it, and "official folks" have claimed nothing could be done, but I am very happy that someone did something and it worked :D If anyone is interested in this still, I could add some screenshots.
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