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  1. I can't tell you how often I see on the news stories about a man leaping from a building onto his wife, assaulting her with his hidden blades, and then escaping from the police by hiding on a park bench. These violent video games are wrecking our society.
  2. Where do I get the pregnant? Shouldn't she get it? OMG I'VE BEEN DOING THIS WRONG THE WHOLE TIME!
  3. As a victim of this type of violence I can assure you it is a problem. But thanks for dismissing me like everyone else. I guess I should just grow a pair of balls eh?
  4. Yeah, but those are already available in games. I was under the impression the discussion was about the triggering of the event. In your example the PC triggers the event and the time is when the event expires. Like the Fallout example, the game starts you with a 150 day time limit to get the water chip and save the vault. The game in the theoretical example would also start you with 4 days to save Shady Sands from the rad scorpions and 15 days to kill Gizmo before he takes over Junktown. All these are triggered and start counting down the moment you start the game.
  5. While an interesting idea, I have two main objections. Firstly, it sort of destroys the reason that open world sandbox games are appealing. And that is your ability to play at your own pace. If you want to spend forever wandering around doing side quests and collecting all the gnome statues you can. You’re not pressured into the story until you’re ready for it. As soon as you begin requiring the PC to participate in the story in order to avoid missing it you take away the free roam and story as options and make them a choice one or the other. You also have an issue with pacing. How do you pro
  6. I'm just happy this hurricane is going to be gone by the 4th so our fireworks aren't rained out. Any other 'Muricans doing anything exciting for their 4th? Any of you unwashed foreginers want me to send you some freedom?
  7. No you misunderstand me my Canadian friend I said there isn't a societal issue with violence against men. In other words violence and abuse perpetuated against men by women is much less. Wow Bruce, this is wong on so many levels. http://pubpages.unh.edu/~mas2/ID41H3a.pdf "The results in the first part of this paper show that almost one-third of the female as well as male students physically assaulted a dating partner in the 12 month study period, and that the most frequent pattern was mutuality in violence, i.e. both were violent, followed by “female-only” violence.Violenc
  8. MGS4 had the FROGS, does that count? Sofa I wanted to say earlier how are you enjoying being active on these forums? I know you come from the old days of BSN\Black Isle forums but its good to see your perspective and the fact that you do contribute towards certain topics I am enjoying your views I a m Oh hey, thanks. It's nice, an interesting crowd here. You guys don't goof off nearly as much though. I just wish more of the people who brought me here were sticking around too...
  9. From the way he posts i always assumed he was some sort of schizophrenic dwarf.
  10. "from a smart and funny guy who we would happily introduce our sister to if not for the fact that the guy don't even realize that he is racist. " I'm totally not a racist... just saying.
  11. Careful, math this complicated might confuse Bester.
  12. Not everyone lives in multi-ethnic societies. It's very weird for people from mono-ethnic societies to have romances with people from other cultures and ethnicities. People in America mingle a lot, so a black guy and an asian woman can have the same background. But it doesn't apply to all countries. Not going to call you a massive idiot, though, cause that's just not a correct way of having a dialogue. Also, can you truly say that all your white friends want a black girl just as much as they want a white girl? Just answer this in your mind and leave it at that. Is this Troll Tuesda
  13. I suggest you tell your friend not to send this letter. She is a massive idiot if she thinks her racist homophobic rant is even going to be taken seriously when the point is "don't be a misogynist."
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