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  1. Nah you got me wrong, Visual example: imagine you shoot a rocket launcher and when the rocket hits theres no explosion. Thats how it looks right now. There is no need to stop any ongoing animation, it would be animated as an overlayer. If i animate something like magic missile for example i would create the impact right at the beginning with the missile, they did obviously not. Now that i think about it, how many impact animations had BG2? Not many...but it looked still better...in my opinion.
  2. They know "proabably", i just want to be sure. I remember some dev. diary about making things right from the beginning and in terms of animation they seem to left this completely out...iam just concerned.
  3. Just watched the latest gameplay footage from the Trailer and im shocked nobody seem to notice this: Attack Spells direct targeting an npc look like they go through characters without any noticeable "impact" animation, it looks like the "projectile" just vanishes inside or even under the target. End. Horrible. Really horrible... Please fix that. In the moment the "projectile" hits the target there needs to be an impact animation. BG2 at least had it. Same concern about physical hits, not every taken hit needs to have a shaking impact reaction on the character, but sometimes there should be, like in BG2, at the very least i would wish you add some "bloodspill" when a character gets hit by a physical attack like...something happened. Thanks for reading, suggesting or planning.
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