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  1. This now happened to me twice, which have had me loose lots of in-game hours. I'll break it up in short description: 1. Both of the times I unlocked the door, and stealthed as I was stealing, and without being caught stole some books, and stole the scroll needed for The Theorems for Pandgram. 2. The first time I got so far in the quest that I got the scroll, and buried it. Upon my return I got attacked as soon as I entered the building. AND ofcourse, I had not saved for the last 3-4 hours, so it was a long backtracking. 3. Second time I did a few other quests, and thought I had forgotten to
  2. Collected taxes twice. Got robbed twice. Lost all earnings first time, and lost 274 and earned 546 the second time - but, when I return to my Stronghold, and walk over to the treasury, in the Main Hall, to collect my taxes, recieved there is none to be found. The Treasury Chest is empty. Always empty. Is this a bug? Glitch? Or do I need to upgrade something before I can collect Taxes/Earnings/Rewards?
  3. Need more beers to my bears!

  4. 1.03 - 800'ish MB yesterday, and today another 500'ish MB... same patch? After I agreed to talk to Kolsc, I had a change of mind, and decided to slay Raedric - but Kolsc didn't march in, neither can I find Kolsc anywhere at Magran's Fork, I only got the journal updated upon arrival, then... nothing. Is this a glitch in the script? Or is it me missing something?
  5. Talked to Raedric, promised to go talk to Kolsc, but before I went there, I had a change of heart, and went nowhere, and killed Raedric. Then nothing happened, and the Quest went on un-updated. Traveled off to find Kolsc, had the journal updated as I arrived to Magran's Fork, went inside the house and found only Garricone inside, but Kolsc wasn't arround at all, nor can I find him anywhere. So now, as all of you, I'm sitting infront of my screen, and don't know how to get this quest finished... anyone had any luck in finding a/the solution?
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